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woman sitting on the grass next to her eglu cube large chicken coop


Omlet has got everything you need to make chicken keeping fun and easy! Check out the large chicken coop Eglu Cube and discover the Automatic Chicken Coop Door. You will also find secure chicken runs, practical chicken fencing solutions and plenty of boredom busting chicken accessories.

Eglu Pro extra large chicken coop for up to 15 hens

Eglu Chicken coops

Easy to clean, predator proof chicken coops
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smart chicken coop autodoor

Autodoor & Accessories

Automatic chicken coop door for wooden coops & Eglus
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walk in run and coop covers

Weather protection

Keeping your flock warm, dry and shaded from the sun
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walk in run and chicken fencing

walk in chicken run & fencing

Give your chickens more room to explore
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Chicken toys and perches

Chicken toys and perches

Chicken perches, chicken swings and treat dispensers
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Chicken feeders and drinkers

Chicken Feeders & Drinkers

Eglu feeders & drinkers and large capacity feeders & drinkers
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Chicken feed and treats

Chicken Food & Treats

A carefully selected range of chicken feed, supplements & treats
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chicken health

Chicken Health

Cleaning products, bedding, anti peck solutions and Omlet chicken clothing
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incubation and egg storage

Incubation & Egg Storage

Incubation, egg boxes and egg storage for the home
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Chicken Guide

Guides & Breeds

First time chicken keeping? Learn all you need to know
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