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Boughton Chicken Coop by Forsham Cottage Arks

The Boughton is our best selling traditional chicken house and provides comfortable accommodation for up to six chickens. It is the ideal solution for the first time keeper. The Boughton is specifically designed for bantams and medium-sized birds.

  • Plenty of space for your chickens. Plenty of space for your chickens.
  • So easy, even a child can use it!
  • The original design for the Boughton.


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Fantastic product - have just assembled our Boughton and were amazed at the quality. 'Flat packed' usually means holes don't line up, pieces vary, cracks, etc, -not in this case! Our hens are now pampered pets! - Mary

From £299.99

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Timeless Design

Its elegant design has stood the test of time and has become a chicken house design classic. The Boughton is our best selling wooden chicken house and provides comfortable accommodation for up to six chickens. It is the ideal solution for the first time chicken keeper.

The Boughton is specifically designed for bantams and medium sized birds, who will find the warm interior and private nest box very much to their liking.

The Boughton Chicken Coop houses six medium hens.

Full length doors allow access for easy cleaning.

Easy To Clean

The Boughton chicken house has full length side doors which allow easy access to the inside of the house. The retractable ramp means you can get into all areas of the house when cleaning.

The Boughton is easy to move around the garden with its stout carrying handles. If you're looking to leave your Boughton in place, or have limited space, the carry handles can be easily removed.

Handles make moving the coop an easy task.

Space Efficient

The Boughton uses less space than other traditional arks because the sleeping area is located directly over the run. This design also means the chickens are protected from the sun and rain.

Secure Fox-Proof House

The house has an easy to use, hinged ladder which may be drawn up from outside to secure the birds at night.

Hinged ladder to shut hens upstairs at night.

A sleeping area over the run gives hens more space to roam around below.

Very easy for even children to use - so they can have the joy of collecting your eggs

Easy Egg Collection

The nesting box is located at the end of the ark and has an external egg collecting door. It is very easy for children to use – so they can run down in the morning to collect the eggs.

Free Range Run Door

You can access all areas of the run using the handy doors at each end. This makes it very easy to catch a chicken, let them out of the run, or top up the feeders and drinkers.

Let chickens roam with the free range door!

Nest Box

The unique nesting box night shutter stops the chickens sleeping in the nesting box, dramatically reducing the amount of droppings that the chickens leave in the nest box and cutting down on egg cleaning time.

Roosting Bar

The solid, single-piece roosting bar provides a solid place for your chickens to perch while they sleep.

Retractable Ramp

The Ramp that sits between the roosting area and the run can be easily retracted to keep your chickens warm and safe at night. Simply pull the rope on the outside of the house and up it comes!

Forsham Cottage Arks

Forsham Cottage Arks have been making chicken arks since 1979. In 2011 Forsham became a part of Omlet. Over three decades, Forsham have learnt what makes both pets and their owners happy. Designed for ease of use and durability, Forsham products have been tried and tested by tens of thousands of happy customers. That’s why when you buy a Forsham product you can be sure you are buying a finely-tuned, hand-crafted home for your pets. Not all chicken houses are made this way.

Forsham's History

1979 - An unemployed printer, recently made redundant from the Kentish Messenger, returns to his old paper to place a small advert: 'Good Quality Poultry House For Sale.' It results in fifteen enquiries and seven orders. Forsham Cottage Arks is born.

1983 - As the volume of orders increases, Forsham takes on their first employee - a retired joiner from their village called Lenny

1988 - Forsham begins to sell its products through Harrods. Kew Gardens installs a Forsham Dovecote on its grounds.

1990 - Forsham exhibits its products at the Chelsea Flower Show. The stand proves very popular and they are asked to return the following year.

1993 - Forsham supplies a Boughton Chicken Coop to Channel 4's 'Big Breakfast'.

2000 - The Poultry Club of Great Britain presents a Forsham Lenham Chicken Coop to HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in celebration of her 100th Birthday.

2002 - Forsham supplies a Lenham Chicken Coop to Channel 4's 'Big Brother'. Many people commented that the chickens were more interesting to watch than the people.

2008 - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall uses a Forsham Lenham Chicken Coop for his hens as part of his Chicken Out campaign.

2011 - Forsham Cottage Arks is bought by Omlet. The purchase brings together two companies that share a common vision of producing the best pet housing in the world.

Only The Best Timber

Unlike cheaper chicken houses that are made of low-grade Chinese softwood, we use only the best sustainably-farmed Canadian Pine for our chicken houses. After carefully sourcing the right kind of wood, we make sure it is properly treated to last a lifetime outside. We use Ground Contact Pressure Treatment which helps prevent your chicken house from rotting.

All the sections we use are planed all round so there are no scruffy faces or splinters.

Boughton Specifications

The Forsham Cottage Arks Boughton Chicken Ark is designed for up to six medium sized chickens. As they require additional head height in the nesting area, the Boughton is not recommended for larger breeds such as Buff Orpingtons or Cochins.


House: Sustainably-sourced Canadian Pine
Run: Zinc Coated 25mm Steel Mesh

Boughton Chcken Coop Dimensions

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love everything about your Forsham Chicken Coop that we offer a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the Boughton or the chickens you can send it back to us for a full refund. This does not affect your statutory rights.


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The Boughton Chicken House

Boughton Chicken Coop


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           Hen coop.

- Andrew, 24 February 2015

Highly recommend. Very easy to assemble, didn't need any help. Strong and sturdy. Easy to clean and the hens love it. Many thanks.

           Boughton Chicken Coop

- Ted, 08 April 2014

Hi..... Any one that knows me, will say I'm the man you can never please.... I'm the worst client to work for, as I require everything to be perfect.. so.....I have just received my first Boughton Chicken coop.... and have to say I was rather concerned as to what would arrive. Flat pack items are normally created on jigs that never give you the same quality as the original..... however..... this was not the case with the Boughton chicken coop.... the whole construction has been worked out to the last millimetre .... I loved putting it together .... and couldn't wait to post this review..... well done Omlet.....

           Very pleased.

- Brian, 19 March 2014

We ordered a Boughton chicken coop to replace our existing coop, as it had started falling to bits. The new coop came the day it was promised and it took us 55 minutes to put together. That included drilling the holes right through on the handles to make fitting them easier. We also replaced the two hooks on the top for the ramp with some a little more solid. Other than that we were very pleased. the chickens love their new home and are happily laying eggs straight away. Would recommend this Coop every time. Many thanks.


- Jenny, 23 December 2013

This coop gives my girls more shelter and space than my ol Forshsm ark. Combined with the fence they are happy and secure. :-)

           Excellent quality

- Alison, 01 December 2013

I have broken my rule of not posting reviews (cos I don't have time) given that this has been such a great purchase. Not the cheapest on the market, but you get what you pay for, it is reassuringly solid, lovely looking and does the job perfectly. The various removable sections make cleaning very easy and that fact that you can just lift it up and move it is another positive. The only slight criticism is that the knot on the rope you use to pull up the steps seems to slip so I spend a bit of time faffing with that.

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