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Clear Run Cover for Eglu Go UP - Full Run

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The bigger the better

It’s easier than ever to keep your chickens’ entire Eglu Go UP chicken coop run sheltered and dry with Omlet’s collection of run covers. Available in a variety of sizes and designed by Omlet to perfectly fit your run for full coverage all year round.

Sun’s out, hen’s out

The Omlet clear run cover is designed to be super strong and give full protection from the elements. Your chickens can carry on their day without snow, wind or rain ruining their routines, while letting the winter sunshine flood in and warm their feathers.

5 reasons to choose run covers, designed by Omlet

  1. Strong, weather-resistant materials for protection year after year
  2. Perfect sizes to fit your run seamlessly without cutting
  3. No gaps, no drips, no worries!
  4. Intuitive bungee hooks for easy mounting over your run
  5. Subtle cover blends into your yard beautifully

Switch up your clear cover in summer with a dark green, heavy duty run cover to shade your hens from the hot sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heavy Duty 1m Run cover : 247.5cm x 96cm
Clear 1m Run Cover: 247.5cm x 96cm
Heavy Duty 2/3 Run cover : 167.3cm x 96cm
Clear 2/3 Run Cover: 167.3cm x 96cm
Heavy Duty: Polyester PVC 550gsm with a UV Resistant Coating
Clear: Transparent PVC 0.3mm with a UV Resistant Coating

Customer Images

Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Run with Clear Run Cover in the snow.
Raised Eglu Go UP chicken coop with clear full run cover, next to larger run in garden.

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Clear Run Cover for Eglu Go UP - Full Run

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Keeps rain out
Good clear cover, keeps the rain out.
Review for: Clear Run Cover for Eglu Go UP - Full Run
This reviewer has 2-4 Easter Eggers. pets
constant use
I have a run extension and use this on the basic full run all the time. It's that sudden down poor time of year and the hens can scratch and peck in shelter instead of just under the coop. I have put a piece of opaque plastic sheet (dpm) on the top at the house end so that the interior is more inviting for egg laying. It comes about 1 foot down each side and is about18 inches long. A ground to ground cover only one panel deep would be a good option. Glad I have this one and it means they still get sunshine and I can see them.
Review for: Clear Run Cover for Eglu Go UP - Full Run
This reviewer has 2-4 bantam cross pets
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