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Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large

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Now you can keep your dog's bed fresh, hygienic and odour free with Topology, the world’s first dog bed with zip on and off mattress toppers.

Dogs sleep 12 - 14 hours a day - they take it very seriously! That’s why the core of a Topology Dog Bed is made from a premium memory foam mattress that moulds around your dog’s body and gives unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep.

The mattress, enclosed in a water resistant case, has a stylish dove grey cover that matches all toppers and feet. The upholstery grade fabric is hard wearing and can also be removed and cleaned in the washing machine when needed.

The Topology Mattress is used with the exciting collection of Topology Toppers to customise the bed to your taste or the season. Find out more about Topology Dog Beds.

Please note that the mattress is not suitable as a bed on its own, but must be paired with a topper.

Note: The Topology Dog Bed Mattress arrives flat and will need to be placed on an even surface to inflate for 24 hours before it reaches full thickness. Toppers and feet sold separately.

Need help choosing the right size for your dog? Take a look at our breed size guide.

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Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large

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Its a big hit!
Dave doesn’t really do beds, but at 9 years old, he’s starting to feel the effects of an overly exuberant youth. I purchased the Omlet bed knowing that if Dave wasn’t a fan, that one of our other two dogs would use it, but they’ve not got a look in! It’s definitely Daves bed. If you are looking for comfort and quality, this is it! I am now saving up for two more so that everyone can have one.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large
This reviewer has 2-4 Goldendoodle pets
It’s a hit with our schnauzer
It’s a hit with our schnauzer I’m very pleased with the size, she’s got plenty of room to relax and it looks in keeping with our furniture. Particularly like the ease with which I can chop and change the top part due to the frequent need to wash after muddy paws. Would happily recommend.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large
This reviewer has 1 Standard Schnauzer pets
Another way to Pamper your best FurFriend
Suzan, Virginia,
I bought this about a month ago seeing as my pup really enjoyed the oversized chair. We’ve used standard orthopedic beds with the head rests and she seemed to enjoy them but would never use them very long and would go back to the oversized chair. Rather than redirect her to the dog bed, I wanted her to choose what is most comfortable for her. Seeing the topology bed, the raised legs, and the head rest covering 3 sides, I knew I had to try it. Sure enough, she’s using it more often than any other dog bed in the house and even more than the oversized chair. Both happy customers 👍👍 For some added details this is a size large and she’s about 65lbs.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large
This reviewer has 2-4 German Shepherd pets
My dog loves this!
Absolutely worth the price! My dog sleeps super hard on this and loves the support. It looks great in my living room. A classy dog bed.
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large
This reviewer has 2-4 Blue heelers pets
Brilliant product
Sandra, County Down,
This dog bed is worth every penny! Only regret is that I have not bought it any sooner in my doggie's life. She absolutely loves the higher position and the memory foam is firm, a bit like our sofa. Best bed ever!
Review for: Topology - Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - Large
This reviewer has 1 Border Collie pets
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