Ducks For Sale

Ducks For Sale

Please note: All animals listed here are for collection only. They cannot be delivered by the seller or by Omlet. Once you have purchased the Chickens you will be emailed the seller's contact details.

Stunning call duck groups

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Description: For sale 13 tame call ducks.2 pairs plus 1 gp of 4 plus 1gp of 5: They are: 1 lavender fawn duck plus silver mallard Drake, 2018. Chocolate bibbed duck plus black/choco Maggie Drake with choco Maggie Drake and black bibbed duck 2018. Black bibbed duck with white Drake, 2015. 4 breeding drakes in bonded group choco, white, 2 blonde mallard with a white duck, 2016 To go in these bonded groups or as a complete flock. Discount for flock purchase. All friendly, lively healthy. Good breeders. Good proportions.and some in bonded groups. Great bonded breeding flock producing stunning ducklings. Hatching eggs sell very well. From £12 to £30 each depending on color. Loving, protected prefer experienced homes wanted. Not to have wings clipped please as they enjoy short flights around their homebase.Collect from forfar area, Angus, Scotland.

4 Free Pet Ducks to a Caring Home

Description: These 4 female ducks are ideal if you have children and would like some very tame ducks. We have enjoyed their company for approximately 7 years and as nearly all our children have all grown up and left home now, we are looking for a new home for them. As the ducks have been together for so long, they need to be kept together. We also have an Eglu Classic Chicken Coop with extension, Walk In Chicken Run and fencing which we would like to sell. Location: Near Kettering

2 girls one drake bonded trio

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Description: amazing trio of ducks, hand hatched and raised, must sell together, excellent layers and fertilized eggs have a great market, sorry to see my babies go but a new situation forces a complete size reduction, have bunnies, bees and buff orpingtons to go as well 07976 237717 mrs watson

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