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This is main season of beekeeping with the colony is full swing and lots of activity.


The hive will be in full swing. If you have avoided a swarm then there will be a lot of bees. If you have rape honey then you might need to add extra supers and extract the honey before it sets. You be careful to leave enough stores for your brood. So parts of the country have a lack of nectar in June and you should also keep checking that they have stores and feed if necessary. If you are planning to requeen then this is the time


The number of bees will be dropping - however the nectar and pollen will be full flow. You should add supers as necessary and regularly inspect your hive for signs of swarming.


The bee and nectar flow will be starting to drop rapidly. You don't need to worry about swarming - however, you should put in your wasp guard to help the bee defend their hive against robbing.

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