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What are the General Benefits of using an Eglu?

Why Wouldn't You Want An Eglu?

There are many benefits of owning an Eglu chicken house over traditional wooden chicken arcs.

These are listed below-

  • Easy to clean - The Eglu has wipe clean surfaces which can be disinfected and kept hygienically clean

  • Helps to controls red-mite - The plastic on the Eglus does not eradicate red-mite, but helps you easily control them, as there is no-where for them to burrow in to like in wooden coops

  • Long Lasting - The Eglu is made from tough plastic which will not rot

  • Easy Access - The lid can be taken off giving full access to the inside of the house for further cleaning

  • Double Insulation - It has a double wall construction which makes it very effective at insulating it against changes in outside temperature

  • Fox Resistant Run - The run is made from steel weld mesh, much stronger than ordinary chicken wire and has a unique skirt to make it harder to for predators to dig underneath

  • Easy to Move - The Eglu and run can be moved by one person

  • Child Friendly - It is easy for your children to use

  • Looks Great - The Eglu is available in a range of colours to suit any garden
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