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Boughton 6 Bird Chicken Ark Instruction Manual

The Boughton Chicken Ark is part of our Traditional Wooden Housing Range and is designed to sleep up to 6 medium sized chickens.

The Boughton design has stood the test of time and has become a well recognised and classic design amongst chicken keepers. The Boughton provides comfortable accomodation for chickens and is an ideal soloution for first time chicken keepers.

The Boughton Ark has full length side doors on both sides allowing easy access into the house and a retractable ramp which means you can access all areas of the house when cleaing. It is easy to move around the garden with it's sturdy carrying hands or if you have limited space the Boughton can be placed in one area and the handles can be easily removed which can act as a security feature if it is exposed to the passing public.

We only use the best Timber to construct the Boughton, unlike cheaper chicken arks that are made of low-grade Chinese soft wood we use only the best sustainably-farmed Canadian Pine to make the Boughton. After carefully sourcing the right kind of wood, we make sure it is treated to last a lifetime outside. We use a Ground Contact Pressure Treatment which prevents the Boughton from rotting. The Run is Zinc Coated 25mm Steel Mesh that will not rust away when exposed to the elements.

Attached here you will find instruction manuals to help you construct your Boughton and it will include a list of parts included to aide you in it's assembly.

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