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This was like putting a puzzle together, it was well organized and easy to understand. I love it, the design keeps my floor clean and makes it easy to super easy to clean. It’s also gorgeous
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and White
Beautiful stand.
Purchased along with the cage. It's very sturdy and a very good height. The finish on the bamboo wood is quality.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage Stand - Full Height
Home for new pets.
Pondered for quite a while before purchasing, so pleased with it. It's very stylish and my 2 new budgies seem to be settling in nicely. Took a while to assemble but once you've got the knack it goes together lovely. I absolutely love it.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black
Judy-, Texas,
Love the cage. It’s bigger than I expected. My two finches have a lot of room to fly around. Definitely roomier than the standard square or rectangular cages. It looks so nice in my family room.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Gold
Fantastic Cage
Received this cage and was very surprised how nice and study it is! My Parakeet just loves his cage he had no trouble finding the feeder he went into the bath the same day! Took awhile for me to put the cage together, watched the video which was very helpful. Thank you for a great product.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black
Best cage ever bought
Okay, where do I start? Feed station is amazing. Not only does it avoid the poop. It saves on food as there is no waste at all!. The husk collection is fantastic and easy to clean. The perches, swing. Which is good news for my budgie. So much space for him to fly. And really good idea that you can place the doors wherever you like. Cleaning is so easy. There is no mess on the floor . Unscrewing the base" blind" is so easy. On and off the stand. I can't believe someone has thought this through properly. Incredible ???? Love love love. Worth every penny.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Gold
Mod Looking-Have Suggestions
This cage is a stunner, especially with the tall stand. I have a couple of suggestions: 1) When building, make sure all of the horizontal wires are facing inward with the vertical wires outward. This mistake will cost time on rebuilding if you err. 2) This is really a big one! Please build a wire bottom so poop can drop through instead of on the floor of the cage.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Gold
This is an amazing cage. I was worried at first on seeing reviews from people claiming the design is cruel and the people buying it are aparantly more intrested in the aesthetics rather than the bird. So after contacting a few breeders all reassured me that this wasn’t the case at all. They reassured me that if my bird wanted a corner to retreat to if feeling scared we could easily Creat one within the structure. I’m happy to say Margot loves this cage and as she’s loved and looked after feels no need to ‘retreat’ to be honest I question the bird owners who’s birds require this ‘safe space!!!!! It’is a stunning desigh which we have on the full height stand and is beautiful to look at but most importantly a beautiful big space for my budgie to enjoy when she’s actually in there as most of the time she’s out flying around. The feeder desigh is excellent and the bird bath is also a lovely addition. There’s still plenty of room for other toys in there too. I’d also like to put to rest any worries about your budgie not being able to climb around the cage because of its shape.Utter nonsense!!!! She enjoys climbing all over the inside and out. I think any negative reviews are from people who havnt actually seen one in person and whitenessd how happy birds are with the space. Please don’t listen to these people there negativity Nancy’s that want to make you feel bad about liking the beautiful design. You can have both and this cadge proves it
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Gold
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black
great product
I ordered our new bird cage in January after a lot of conversations about its size and reading other reviews we decided to try it as we both like the style of the cage. we were not disappointed. Its much bigger than we were expecting. Our budgie transferred over to his new cage without any worries and found the food and water very easily. The food and water feeder is fantastic, catching the waste and mess but also very easy to fill and clean. we went for the tall stand as our budgie flies around free for large parts of the day and will just sit and play on top of his cage. its a very stylist cage and looks like a piece of furniture in our home that we have had many comments. I would recommend allowing 1-2 hours to assemble the cage, its simple once you get going. After only 2 weeks the handle on the one door broke so I emailed customer service with photos and they replaced it for us. I think this was just bad luck as the rest of the cage and door handles are very strong and its good to know there customer service is helpful. our budgie is still very happy with his new home, plenty of room to fly around, the perches that come with cage are large and our budgie swings side to side getting faster and faster - its so cute. I think two birds would be comfortable in this cage no problem.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black
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