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Super cosy cat bed
This bed is just perfect for my Chihuahua Frankie. He loves his new bed and cat toy fish I purchased at the same time. Size is prefect for him and it’s so soft and comfortable for him. I would highly recommend….. not just for cats :)
Review for: Feet Frame with Metal Hairpin Feet for Donut Cat Bed - Black - Pack of 4
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Great quality but quite small
I bought for my two cats. My small Ragdoll isn't too interested but she's super fussy. My maine coon who is small for her breed and under the recommended 6kg in the description, likes it but doesn’t always fit in it so well. She ends up half on half off sometimes! It is made really well though and the materials feel good quality.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Pebble Grey
This reviewer has 1 Mainecoon pets
Fab bed easy to put together
I bought this for a new kitten. Love the colour I chose the white/cream hairpin feet. Feet arrived separately (just a day). Was a bit concerned re putting together due to some reviews. Absolutely no need. Very simple. Unzip cover pop in the frame, rezip cover (I popped screws in to keep frame in place) then screw in the feet to frame. Literally took 5 mins. Feels lovely and soft can’t feel the frame through the bed. They also popped in a free cat toy. Lovely service . Will buy more
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Peacock Green
This reviewer has 2-4 British shorthair pets
Murphy is addicted to his new Donut bed!
We had to get rid of an ancient bean bag foot rest that was constantly losing its inner stuffing & knew we needed to find an alternative evening sleep spot for our cat Murphy. I took ages trying to decide if we should invest in this bed or not as Murphy is quite big (we refer to him as a 'mini Maine coone' - he has all the features of the breed & is large...but just not quite as large as a standard MC). Not only that he can be a bit fussy & faddy with where he sleeps. I needn't have worried, he absolutely adores this bed! He tried it out the first evening after it was delivered & quickly started 'making biscuits ' as I think it gets called. He is slightly large on the bed...but he makes it work lol! We regularly see him with a paw or two plus tail hanging over the side...he doesn't seem to care...he really does just love it!! He has a funny little routine where he starts off standing up kneading his front paws into it, then slowly shifts into a lying down position...still's hilarious & super cute! He now uses it as his preferred day time bed - he looks super comfy & cosy hour after hour on it. We bought him this cushion as a second bed- the first one has wooden feet on it & looks surprisingly stylish for a cat bed! His favourite is the one with feet as I think he likes that he sinks down into it! We've realised that he didn't actually spend much time 'making biscuits' prior to having this bed, so it's lovely to see him go into that little state of bliss every time he settles into it! All in all, one very happy cat - thank you very much!
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Pistachio Green
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The best cat bed!
My cat adores his bed from omlet. He lies on there all day. The bed is beautifully made and of the best quality. Purrfect! Many thanks.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Snowball White
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My Cat says Yes-this is the one
The best 🐈 bed ever, my cat have 4 beds and never sleeps in them, but this omlet bed he loves from the firs minute he gets.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Snowball White
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Beautiful beds
I ordered 2 doughnut cat beds in the sale for my cats and they absolutely love them! They're so soft and high quality and look great in my living room.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Peacock Green
This reviewer has 2-4 Persian Chinchilla & pets
Happy dogs
I bought these beds for my two babies and they love them.. perfect for sleeping in front of The fire…
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Pebble Grey
This reviewer has 2-4 Chihuahua pets
Bagged a ridiculous bargain!
Tempted by black friday deal i bought these for my 17 yr old girls, who've NEVER taken to any cat bed before. They love them! And i love the removable covers that was like a dream. 10 stars!!!
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Snowball White
This reviewer has 2-4 Moggies pets
Beautiful bed
An Omleteer,
Beautifully made bed. It looks lovely, is really well made and feels amazing. I've bought many cat beds over the years and this one is the best I've ever seen, highly recommended.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Ruby Red
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