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Verified Reviews for Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster bed
Absolutely fabulous bed for my Alfie, slept in it from the first day , easy to put together and lovely design
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed Large - Stone Grey with Black Rail Feet
This reviewer has 1 Labradoodle pets
Overall great bed!! Removing cover will be a process.
Katie, Ohio,
I got our 8 year old German shepherd mix (54lbs) the large memory foam bolster dog bed with the round wood feet. She has so much room, and she loves it! This is the best quality of memory foam mattress I’ve ever seen for a pet bed. Honestly, it’s better than my current mattress, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth here. The cover and wood feet are also super great quality. Assembly was ok. Getting the piece that props her head up into the cover was a bit of a pain. It’s a tight fit which is good for head propping, but not fun for set up…and I still don’t think I have it in all the way 😅. To remove the cover I will also have to remove the feet (I knew this going in) which will be annoying because I’ll need a screwdriver to do it. But honestly, I don’t know how else they would design this type of bed to avoid that - and again, I chose this fate willingly. So if you want a cover that super easy and quick to remove, I wouldn’t go with this style of bed. However, I imagine that their other products are just as high quality and awesome!
Review for: Bolster Dog Bed Medium - Nature Trail with Wood Square Feet
This reviewer has 1 German shepherd mix pets
Amazing for arthritis!
I bought my 11 year old jack russel a large bolster bed (she only sleeps on beds fit for a great dane) and we’ve noticed her joints seem so much better already! she’s never been one for sleeping in her own bed and much preferred ours up until we got this one. It’s definitely worth the price
Review for: Bolster Dog Bed Medium - Nature Trail with Wood Square Feet
This reviewer has 1 pets
Best dog bed ever
I brought my 12 year old beagle a medium sized bolster bed. And she loves it!! She barley wants to go onto the sofa anymore and she doesn't even sleep on my bed anymore. 100 percent recommend
Review for: Bolster Dog Bed Medium - Nature Trail with Wood Square Feet
This reviewer has 1 Beagle pets
Happy old dog
Annie, QLD,
Great construction and quality Bolster is just the right size to snuggle into or rest his head on. Cover is strong enough for him to scratch at without pulling threads. The cats don't mind it either 🙂
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Medium - Sage Green
This reviewer has 2-4 Silky terrier pets
Super Bed
I purchased 2 beds recently and absolutely delighted with them. By far, the best I have ever purchased for my dogs. Only slight downside was they came "flat packed" and had to put them together but worth it for the quality!
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Small - Sage Green
This reviewer has 2-4 Bichon & Pomeranian pets
The kids love it too!
An Omleteer,
When our dog gets a turn at his bed by himself he loves it… however when it’s not his turn it fits two kids (12 and 6) and a chonky cat on there quite comfortably.
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Large - Sage Green
This reviewer has 2-4 German Shepherd x st pets
sturdy and elegant
Gordon, New Jersey,
Just received the foam bolster bed with legs for our two Yorkies, Danny and Robby. After viewing so many different sofa beds, we felt that Omlet had the best in style, size and purpose for our boys. Upon receiving, we did look at the video many times but I must say getting that bolster in and around the bed was a nightmare. It took us at least two hours to get that thing zipped up. Nothing like the video. What a nightmare. However, when completed, we could not be happier with the outcome and the look it has in our apartment. The boys love it. But getting that bolster in place, was ready to call you and cancel. But after completion we decided to give and excellent instead of 4 stars. We've had Yorkies for about 30 years and many many beds and this is, I think, the best bed out there.
Review for: Bolster Dog Bed Small - Prism Kaleidoscope with Wood Square Feet
This reviewer has 2-4 Yorkies pets
Nice bed
This was purchased for Fredo my small/medium mix breed buddy. Whe I unpacked it and sat it down he immediately went to it, sniffed and laid down on it. 10 minutes later he was sound asleep when sticker, our 14 year old rescue cat Sticker, came in and promptly but politely tapped Fredo on the head and neck which prompted him to vacate his new bed. He hasn’t been back in it since the incident but Sticker absolutely love’s Fredo’s new bed.
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed Large - Light Jade with Round Feet
This reviewer has 1 Mix pets
The critters are SO happy!
We have 2 old English sheepdogs who just love their snuggle spots. We wanted to get them some beds which match the rest of the house that they would love - and oh boy do they LOVE their beds. It was instant puppy heaven for both of them. From the humans perspective, these are high quality beds/blankets and we're really happy with our purchase. It arrived very fast, looks exactly as it's pictured online as well.
Review for: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed - Large - Midnight Blue
This reviewer has 2-4 Old English Sheepdog pets
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