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Sturdy and easy to use
Rebecca, Dorset,
I initially bought one of these tunnels, but soon purchased two more as they make moving our rabbits on to fresh grass much easier, enabling me just to move one run and not the whole hutch. Compatiblity with other runs and hutches made these simple to use.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
This reviewer has 4-6 Netherland dwarf pets
Game changer!
Brought these tunnels to connect my girlies conservatory home to their outside runs,and they love being able to come and go as they please! As I have a prolapsed disc I could no longer clean out the hutches outside and keep moving them around the garden. It’s so much easier with just the runs now. Although they do like all sitting in the tunnels too! So line them with strips of bath mats to make cleaning them easier. Should have bought these ages ago, they are amazing.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
This reviewer has 4-6 pets
great product
Solo, Georgia,
Item exactly as described. Strong materials, good quality
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
This reviewer has 2-4 pets
These are great, but buy the ring for the ends!
Danielle, Maryland,
So I bought two of these for our guinea pigs and they LOVE them. To clean, we can take the tunnels out, shake the poo free, and rinse. Due to the way the tunnels give them good footing (necessary), poo can be a bit harder to clean out of these, but you can run a hose thru them easily. The one thing is that these are the ONLY Omlet product that the guinea pigs have managed to chew on. I need to buy the rings for the end because I think those should prevent this issue.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
Great add on
This is a great add on which allows our bunnies to sunbathe, graze and get exercise.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
This reviewer has 2-4 Holland lop pets
Great Quality that adds enrichment
Yes, this tunnel system is expensive but it does back that up with the quality. The system is easy to put together and secure. Which is a great point with my rabbits who love running into them when they chase one another playing. I’ve built my system up over the last two years due to the expense of it but they do seem durable. The kit I bought last year doesn’t look any different to the kit I’ve purchased this year when I’ve put it all together to enrich my rabbits time outside in the garden. I can’t let them roam free due to plants and having hedges for hedgehogs to get in and out. This means I have large runs connected with these tunnel systems. They love sitting in them for shade, chasing one another through them and the look out point which is in the middle of a long section of tunnel. Would highly recommend just wish there was a discount option.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
This reviewer has 6-8 Miniature lop rabbit pets
Short but great!
Expecting this to be a bit longer for the price paid but overall really easy and practical our guinea pigs and rabbit loves the tunnel!
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
My Bunny Loves This!!
For a while, my bunny had a traditional hutch which he liked, but the Zippi Tunnel system brings the housing to another level. I would recommend this to anyone. My bunny has figured out how to go backwards through the tunnel. The tunnels feed to an extra playpen which is perfect. If you get the tunnels, the playpen is a must.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
Five paws
It’s been a long haul, but I’ve finally got there. We have 2 Dutch bunnies who are separated AFTER getting neutered but like seeing each other. They adore their Omlet outdoor run plus eglus (hate being inside), but need to be in a double hutch in the garage in the winter cold. I have finally set up a divided run with a tunnel run each to the (early) Omlet play pen across the single garage width. The tunnels actually only bend slightly, and those 90 degree corners and angled connectors are very important. The smarter shyer bunny is in the top half of the hutch, but has no issues with scrabbling up the ridged tunnels, which have to be on a diagonal (took him 5 minutes of testing). I am now debating whether to cut down a length of tube so that the full garage width is exploited. I’ve learned that you should always install a full closing door at the ends for isolation, and should have an unistalled door or a connector with a homemade blanking plate for adjustments. The bunnies went from sulks to joy instantly. Come summer, the whole tunnel system moves outside to the lawn.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel - Single
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