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Omlet’s Cat Balcony Enclosure provides a simple and elegant solution to give your apartment a completely cat proof balcony. If you’re living in a city building it can be difficult to provide your cats with a safe outside environment which is why Omlet developed the Cat Balcony Run - especially for people with cats who live in flats or apartments! The cat balcony enclosure is safer than cat netting or balcony fencing as it provides a fully secure and escape proof space for your cat to enjoy, so not only will your cat benefit from time outside, but you can relax knowing that they are safe. The Cat Balcony Enclosure has been designed so that it fits on almost any balcony and can be extended in width to match the space that you have available on your terrace.

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Cat Balcony Enclosure - 1.8m / 6ft
Cat Balcony Enclosure - 1.8m / 6ft
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Cat Balcony Enclosure - 2.7m / 9ft
Cat Balcony Enclosure - 2.7m / 9ft
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Cat Balcony Enclosure - 3.6m / 12ft
Cat Balcony Enclosure - 3.6m / 12ft
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A cat enclosure on the balcony of a modern apartment with a woman and a cat inside The Cat Balcony Enclosure gives your city apartment or flat a secure cat proof balcony

Made from strong steel mesh coated with a technically advanced dark green coating the cat run looks stylish and unobtrusive on your balcony. Cats love the sensory experience of being outside where they can feel the breeze in their fur, watch the comings and goings in their surroundings and hear the birds sing. Every size of Cat Balcony Enclosure is also large enough for you to spend time outside with your cat.

Looking across at a balcony showing how the cat balcony enclosure fits easily Designed to fit on any kind of balcony or roof terrace, the secure cat enclosure is extendable in width

Measuring 92cm (3ft) front to back the Omlet Cat Balcony Enclosure is narrow enough to fit on almost any balcony. It’s a generous 2.07m (6.8ft) high in the centre and is extendable in length from 1.84m (6ft) up to 3.68m (12ft) as standard, please call or email us if you would like a longer run. The Cat Balcony comes with a removable run skirt that you can use to help secure the enclosure to your balcony. Please note that you will need to secure your Cat Balcony Enclosure directly to your building using appropriate metal fixings which you will be able to find in all good DIY stores.

"My cats LOVE their new balcony cat run. It's secure and allows me room to interact with them too. Now Gregory and Mitchell sit at the top of their cat tree, 4 floors up like kings of the castle!" - Lindsay, Nottingham

A lady inside the cat balcony enclosure with her cat situated on the side of a block of flats You can join your cats in the enclosure and continue to enjoy your balcony as before

Allow your cat the freedom to explore a new environment without compromising your personal usable space. We understand that useable living space can be at a premium which is why the Cat Balcony is tall enough to be used by people as well as cats. This means that you can continue to enjoy your balcony as before, which means more freedom for your cats and no compromise for you. Why not place a chair or bean bag inside that you can both snuggle up on?

A cat sitting near a scratching post in the cat balcony enclosure Why not furnish your Cat Balcony Enclosure with some scratching posts and cat toys from the Omlet Shop?

If you want to get the most out of your Cat Balcony Enclosure you can enhance your cat’s environment with scratching posts, cat trees, interactive hanging cat toys and of course some feline essentials such as a cat litter tray and comfy bed. The sky’s the limit as far as accessorising the cat run is concerned and your cat will really love exploring their new territory.

The cat balcony enclosure on an apartment building roof terrace in the middle of a city with the optional porch You can add a porch to your roof terrace cat run for an even higher level of security

Why not upgrade your balcony cat enclosure with an optional porch to give you an “airlock” style entrance? The porch is made from the same strong steel mesh as the balcony enclosure and gives you complete peace of mind when transferring your kitty in and out of the cat run.

"I love the look of the mesh panels which also provide a really easy way for you to secure the run to your balcony. We used some metal bicycle locks but I'm sure there's lots of other options. My cat Olly loves exploring his new playpen and watching the world go by!" - Carol, Edinburgh

A cat sleeping peacefully in the cat balcony enclosure under a weather proof shade A range of weather proof covers are available to ensure your cat remains dry and shaded at all times

You can add covers to your Cat Balcony Enclosure so that your cats are kept shaded and dry at all times. The covers are made entirely from water proof materials that are highly durable and are available in a range of different sizes and styles - discover the range of covers available for your cat run here.

Please note that when using a cover on your Cat Balcony Enclosure it is especially important to ensure the run is secured to your balcony with appropriate metal fixings to prevent gusts of wind from moving the run.

Important! Please Read Before Using Your Product

When using the Cat Balcony Enclosure on a balcony, roof terrace or other similarly elevated position, you must secure your cat balcony enclosure directly to your building to help prevent high winds from lifting it. You should always use metal fixings to either attach it to a balcony railing or to bolt it to your building. Appropriate fixings are available from all good DIY shops. If in any doubt consult a qualified installer. In windy conditions, we would always advise removing any shades, hammocks and covers as a secondary safety measure, as the weight of the enclosure itself is may not be enough to prevent a high wind from lifting it.

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my best buy ever - Lillian,

I am very happy with my new Cat Balcony.and so are my two male Somali cats.Iam planning to buying them a outdoor cat run next summer.

Great product, instructions complicated - Janet,

The cat run is great, feels sturdy and looks good. However, I was extremely relieved to have found and watched the YouTube video showing how to assemble one of these runs, as the printed directions were awful! The labels on the clips did not match the product ID in the instructions, so it took me a while to work out that there were actually only three types of clips. Also, as I was assembling this on my own, I am very glad I followed the video instructions, which included putting the 'skirt' on first, as this helped to keep it stable as I assembled it. By the way, it took me 2.5 hours single-handed, which I didn't think was too bad.

Cat Balcony - Oneill,

Fantastic customer service and support from Omelet would recommend.

10/10, couldn't praise this product more! - Carol, Oxfordshire,

It's the exact thing I've been looking for! I love the look of the mesh panels which also provide a really easy way for you to attach the run to your balcony to make sure it's anchored down. We just used some chains and carabiners to attach it to the bars of our balcony but I'm sure there's lots of options you could do. Thanks Omlet, my cat Olly absolutely loves exploring his new playpen and watching the world go by!

FINALLY someone has invented this! - Jordan,

Rosie always pined for an outdoor space however my apartment wasn't practical. Now she can play and jump around in the fresh air and I can relax knowing she's safe and secure, thanks Omlet! -Jordan, York

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