Bumpa Bits are small plastic clips that fit onto a hen's beak to prevent her from pecking her housemates. The hen can still eat and drink normally, but the clip stops the ends of the beak coming together properly to stop her from pulling at skin and feathers.

Bumpa Bits should only be used for a maximum of two weeks, as the chicken's beak will start to grow around it if left for longer.

This 25mm Bumpa Bit is suitable for medium sized chickens.

You can read the forum guide on fitting Bumpa Bits by clicking here!

Fitting is much easier when using a pair of Circlip Pliers, also available to buy from us.

Please note that the colour of the bumpa bits may vary

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Weight: 0.010 kg

Height: 1 cm

Width: 3 cm

Length: 3 cm

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Bumpabit -

Worked well

Solved a big problem -

We had a very aggressive chicken who was pecking her flock mates vents and making them bleed - we were having to segregate them every day and I was desperate for a solution. These worked brilliantly- I took the advice to buy about 10 even though I only needed one as several broke on trying to attach but once we had one successfully in place the problem was eliminated. The aggressive behaviour continued for a short while but as she was no longer achieving her goal she seemed to forget about it and learned to live harmoniously alongside the other chickens. 6 weeks on we have removed the bit and there is no problem. Stopped us having to get rid of a problem hen - thank you

Bumpa Bit -

They appear to have been effective with less feather plucking. At the moment I can't guarantee the habit has been completely broken.


The first bit broke before we got it on. The second bit we got on our hen but she promptly pulled it off. So back to peepers. We’ll try the bits on younger birds.

Good product but beware! -

You need to buy 10 at least and have the right pliers otherwise you wont be able to fit them Only possible to have fitted with 2 people Once you fit it remember the middle of the beak has to have the middle of the bumpa bit in it. Google images helped me! Our hen had bad habit of eating feathers peking in order ti do so and after a month we took it off and she seems fine.