Bumpa Bits are small plastic clips that fit onto a hen's beak to prevent her from pecking her housemates. The hen can still eat and drink normally, but the clip stops the ends of the beak coming together properly to stop her from pulling at skin and feathers. Please remove bumpa bits after 2 weeks or the beak will grow around.

This set includes 20 Bumpa Bits that are suitable for medium sized chickens. You will also receive a Circlip Plier Set which will make fitting them easier. These pliers come with two 180 degree heads, a 45 degree head and a 90 degree head.

Please note that the colour of the bumpa bits may vary

You can read the forum guide on fitting Bumpa Bits by clicking here!

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Bumpa bit was amazing - Kate, Lincs,

I had tried everything to stop two of my flock feather pecking my chicken Betty- purple spray, anti-peck spray and separating the bullies for a few days but nothing worked. The bumpa bits worked immediately, the two bullies seem none the worse and are eating and drinking normally. Betty is gaining weight and has started to lay. Great product!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Helped my feather eating hen - Julie, Aberdeenshire,

They worked really well for me to ween one of my hens out of her feather eating obsession. She is now bit free and back with the flock with no more signs of feather eating. Great tool when used correctly.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

- Petch,

Took a while to get the hang of fitting these. They needed the little bar going into the mouth to be broken so the Bumpabit could widen enough to be fitted. Nowhere in any instructions did it say that. Several hens managed to get the bit off with their claws, but kept them on after several replacements! Did work very well to stop feather and skin pecking.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Bumps bits and anti pecking spray - Loveday, Shropshire ,

The bumps bits were very useful for hens we had inherited, who had developed a habit of feather pecking through boredom. They seemed effective. We have removed them today after about 3 weeks. One hen looked miserable with the bit, so we removed it after about 5 days. The spray was another tool. The bits were the best and the badly pecked hen now looks very jaunty and bonny.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2017

Bumpa Bits and Pliers - Megan,

We have tried EVERYTHING to stop one particular hen from pulling out the other's feathers (which would sometimes cause profuse bleeding that could be difficult to stop). Not that easy to fit for a novice chicken keeper, but practise makes perfect! It has stopped her inflicting damage on our other birds, but she is showing signs that she will resume her bad habits when it is removed, if so we will have no hesitation in fitting her with another Bumpa Bit! It doesn't seem to bother her and she can still feed, drink and forage normally.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019