Feather pecking is a common behavioural problem with all poultry and if left untreated it can lead to nasty wounds and infection. This anti feather pecking spray has a terrible taste and a strong odour which will discourage any naughty chicken from plucking and pecking their housemate. The problem should cease within a week of use.

This also contains anti-bacterial agents to minimise the risk of infection to wounds and speed up the healing process.

This product should be used according to guidelines printed on the bottle.

Ingredients: Denatonium benzoate, Benzalkonium chloride, Pine tar, Ethanol and Paraffinic hydrocarbon.

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Weight: 0.260 kg

Height: 9 cm

Width: 9 cm

Length: 17 cm

Brand: Nettex (13 Products)

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Works - Mary,

I was expecting some terrible horrid smelly stuff, and was pleasantly surprised that its not that bad. One of my ladies was having her breast feathers removed by her sisters and was looking a bit tatty. Only used the spray once and can see a definite improvement. As always arrived promptly and well packed. If you are having problems with pecking would recommend

Worked a treat - ,

Very bitter stuff - do wear gloves and don't spray into the wind! The hens don't like the taste of it either, so after two thirds of he bottle had been used they had settled in together. Worked a treat.

-------- - Emma,

It worked in the short term but as soon as I stopped using it Harriette started pecking the other 2 chickens again.

Perefect Anti Pecking Spray - Katie,

Really good product, works a treat

Very good. - Lisa,

This worked really well while the chickens settled and worked out their pecking order. I would recommend this product.