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Upgrade your dog’s bed to the luxury Omlet Bolster Dog Bed. The cushioned bolster shape is deep filled and designed to support your pet’s head, offering ultimate comfort and relaxation. The premium memory foam dog mattress is the best you can give your pet; it moulds around your dog and gives unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep.

Don’t worry about muddy paws or puppy accidents, this luxury dog bed’s removable cover is made from long lasting, durable fabric that is machine washable time and time again, ensuring complete practicality. The robust stitching is strong enough to withstand daily use from all dog breeds. The memory foam mattress is in a water resistant casing, within the stylish fabric cover, to keep the foam hygienic and odour free.

The Bolster Dog Bed has a non slip base and can be placed directly on the floor but for added luxury, why not use it with the new Fido Sofa Dog Bed Frame, which raises your dog’s mattress off the ground to reduce drafts and disturbances, so he or she can enjoy a secure and peaceful sleep in the cosy new Bolster Beds. This optimum bedtime set up is ultra stylish to compliment all interiors, while giving your dog a space to call their own.

The memory foam dog bed is available in three contemporary colours with a subtle, woven, diamond geometric pattern. Choose from soft, elegant grey, rich, forest green or for a striking accent the vibrant, rose pink. Whichever you choose, Omlet’s bolster bed will match the quality look and feel of your other soft furnishings ensuring your dog’s bed is a part of the home just like they are part of your family.

Accessorise your Bolster Dog Bed with the new Luxury Super Soft Dog Blanket. Complete your dog’s sleep haven and let them fulfill their natural nesting instinct with this super cosy blanket. This luxury dog blanket is dual sided to offer deluxe warmth and comfort: a quilted charcoal grey plush on one side, and a cream, luxury sherpa on the reverse.

Which Size Should I Choose?

Choose from three sizes to suit your dog’s breed.

  • The Small (fits a 24 in Dog Crate / Fido Studio 24 / Fido Nook 24 / Fido Classic 24 / Fido Sofa Frame Small) is perfect for smaller dog breeds up to 18kg like Yorkshire Terriers, Cavapoos and French Bulldogs

  • The Medium (fits a 36 in Dog Crate / Fido Studio 36 / Fido Nook 24 / Fido Classic 36 / Fido Sofa Frame Medium) suits breeds from 19-27kg such as smaller Labradors, Spaniels and Labradoodles.

  • The Large (fits a 42 in Dog Crate) is designed for breeds from 28-40kg like Labradors, Dobermanns and German Shepherds, or if you have two smaller breeds that like to share a large dog bed.
  • Product dimensions
    Bolster Bed Small: 635 x 480 x 170 mm - Internal dimension 50m x 35cm
    Bolster Bed Medium: 875 x 555 x 210 mm - Internal dimension 70cm x 50cm
    Bolster Bed Large: 1055 x 715 x 265 mm - Internal dimension 90cm x 65cm

    Patent Pending. Design Registered.

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    Height: 24 cm

    Width: 37 cm

    Length: 55 cm

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    I’ve finally found a great dog bed -

    I have been searching for a dog bed for years and years. The previous ones have been too hard but durable, too soft and disintegrated, not washable and uncomfortable. The Omlet beds are fantastic- washable (in washing machine), soft, comfy, durable and look beautiful. Thank you so much my search is over.


    Our miniature Dachsund Reggie loves his new bed. He's still a young pup and despite his small size, we knew he'd be chewing everything in sight so we wanted a bed that was really hard wearing. He's been in the bed almost a month now and there's no signs of any wear and tear which is great. The bed is at an easy height for him to hop onto and nestle down. He was always wanting to join us up on the sofa before we got the Bolster but now he's more than happy to chill on his comfy new bed, it could just be because he's maturing but I like to think it's because of the bed. Would definitely recommend for any dog owner, I'm jealous of the memory foam mattress myself!