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The new Zippi Guinea Pig Run from Omlet provides a movable and secure exercise solution for your guinea pigs. It is an amazingly convenient way for you to provide your pet with a larger habitat that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. This Zippi run is a secure and predator resistant enclosure that comes with both a mesh roof and underfloor mesh. It is fully compatible with and can be linked to the Zippi Tunnel system quickly and securely.

The Zippi Guinea Pig Run features a small door in one of the panels and there is also a specially designed connection portal should you wish to join up your Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel.

You can extend your Zippi Run over time by adding extra panels and a range of specially designed covers and shades for the Zippi Run are also available.

This Zippi Run configuration covers an area of 144cm x 96cm with a maximum height of 57cm.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

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Zippi Guinea Pig Run - Kristie,

This is the best purchase we've made since having the guinea pigs. We have two females Angie and La La and this run gives them so much more space to play. We don't use the bottom pieces so that cleaning up after them is easier since we use a fleece blanket. Our girls have their very own room, so they are not bothered by our dogs. We are considering building a table so that the girls are not housed on the floor. The system was easy to assemble and even easier to move around.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

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