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Green chicken door -

I’m very pleased with the look and function of the door. Makes life safe at night foe my hens and easy for me with automatic open/close function. Love it.

works great -

works great saves me a lot of time and chicken are safe

Fabulous product -

Purchased this 2 months ago & has made such a difference not having to worry about letting chickens out/in each day. I uhmmed & Ahmmed for ages, how daft was I? this door is worth its weight in gold. Would recommend to any chicken owner who wants peace of mind & a lie in now & again! easy to install & 3 very happy chickens to boot ????

Best chicken related product on earth -

I love my chickens. I also work shifts that I am not able to double check that they are secure at night. After enduring foxes, and coyotes, which many did not survive, despite my best efforts, I found this door. Every chicken that coops at night, is alive and well. Those would be the smart chickens, and I have several, it turns out. I love this company, it’s customer support, and the peace of mind I’m finally having! Several thousand dollars into my little guys, and this small thing is what matters most. Three cheers for a company with products, and support services, that really matter. There’s no con here. This is a high quality product, with real life results. Coyotes in my yard at 2 am this morning, howling in frustration, because my little guys were safe and secure thanks to Omlet. Still woke up to ALL the chickens and ducks. This door is very secure, easy to use, if you have trouble, customer support is quick, very supportive, polite, and ready to resolve your issues. This? This is how companies should be.

Omelet Auto Door - Illinois,

This has been the greatest product I have ever purchased. The AutoDoor has made raising chickens 100% easier and less time consuming. I would definitely recommend this to any chicken owner. Worth every penny I paid for. Thank You very much

Excellent piece of kit - Cornwall,

Easy to fit, even if you don't remove the roof. I am a stocky, 6ft 4 bloke but still managed to squeeze into the coop to install the door. It works well and set up is straightforward enough. I do think the instructions would benefit from a brief explanation of light levels as I didn't spot this and wasn't sure at what level dawn and dusk would be. Also, not sure if the light can be set to stay on for a few minutes after the door closes. Chickens love it and got used to it instantly. Saves me having to worry about putting them to bed and getting them up in the mornings.

Amazing - North Carolina,

Saving my chickens immediately after 8 years of predators getting the upper hand. No more sleepless nights of alarms and defending my girls. Worth every penny.

Great product! -

Love my automatic door. So easy.

Great product -

This automatic chicken door is exactly as advertised— works great and the chickens warmed right up to it! The instructions however were almost bewildering—way too much information! I relied on YouTube videos to help me set it up— but this automatic chicken door is a great product!

Best chicken coop door out there -

While not cheap, this automated coop door is simply fantastic! Easy to install - easy to maintain and simple to program the times to open and close the built in door. No need to fool with those other products that use a string to lift and lower the door! Quit looking around and just buy it!

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