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I have been thinking about getting an auto door for a while. I decided to get one due to one day not being at home my family forgot to let the chickens out (in the morning) and it’s safe to say this is one of the best things I have brought, after a little modifying to my homemade coop to accommodate it, it works perfectly and means that I don’t have to worry about them being let out when I’m not home. It also helps to keep my cockerel quiet as he is let out and doesn’t need to call me to open the door. For anyone think about getting one it is worth the money and you will have happy safe chickens. The only downside I can see is that large breeds such as Orpington’s may not get through it comfortably, but standard sized needs like mine get through easily.


Love my Autodoor! -

It is lovely not having to worry about opening and closing the coop!

Customised to fit- see photo -

Doorway of my coop had to be widened slightly but it was easy to cut away as coop is recycled plastic. Just wanted to reassure anyone who has this style of hen coop that the door can be used. Omlet door works brilliantly but it took me a while to work out the settings! (Am I the only one?)

Omlet automatic door - Hampshire,

I am really pleased with this purchase. It was so easy to install on the wooden sussex coop. The timer is easy to operate and alter the settings to personal requirements. Certainly worth the money, I am delighted I decided to buy one

Automatis door for cube -

We absolutely love this door. Every morning my daughter was being woken up by their loud squawks of 'let me out, let me out! It was getting so bad we were wondering if we were going to have to give them away. My husband suggested the door and it's been amazing.The girls all hid in the laying box the first couple of nights and then his their eggs outside for a couple of days, but they are used to it now. An assembly hint, ignore the instructions to take the roof off, you can do it all with the roof on if you don't mind climbing inside. Ours wouldn't unscrew anyway and it saved us a lot of extra effort. It was easy to assemble and is actually better than we thought it could be. Well done Omlet.

Bought to Fit the Run -

This is the second automatic door we’ve bought. The first one was for the coop so this one was for the run. Buying online was easy (although no choice given for the postage rate) and it was delivered on time. It was easy to fit to the Eglu run door so our girls don’t have to wait for us to be around to be let out into the garden nor to feel safely locked away at night! I would recommend this item (and have done so on a chicken Facebook forum).

My Best Buy this year.... -

I am going on holiday soon for three weeks and was worried about my girls getting out enough to free range as my son, who will be looking after them for me, works various different shift patterns. So I ordered this product on the Sunday, I received it on the Tuesday and got it fitted, easily by myself, on the Thursday. I set the timer as I decided that was the best option for me and it has done exactly what it said it would do for more than two weeks now. No more sludging through mud in my pyjamas first thing in the morning to let them out or running out last thing at night because I have forgotten to lock them up... this product is amazing and I would recommend it to any backyard chicken keeper, it has made keeping chickens even more pleasurable than it already was, I now go to the coop once a day to collect my eggs at a time that suits me. I can go on holiday with peace of mind knowing that my girls will be getting plenty daylight and fresh air.

Fantastic addition - Gb,

I have a wooden house. Unfortunately had to cut a new hole for the door to be fitted to but after that, it was super easy to attach. Perhaps a paper/card template could be included to help with the positioning. Works well and the light is a must.

Awesome door opener! -

Absolutely love this coop door opener. I have a wooden coop with a side opening door that I could not find an automatic door opener for. This has made keeping backyard chickens so much more enjoyable. It work so well and is so easy to install and use. I needed only one small trim piece of wood for around my coop door to install. Everything else fit perfectly. Highly recommend. And it came super quickly too.

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