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Mounting bracket -

A very simple and effective bracket,

Great product! -

Love the auto door. Really increased the amount of time my hens get to spend outside each day. Would recommend to anyone.

Good product and rare after-sales service -

After a failure of the crush detector, Omlet replaced the door freely and very quickly. It's exceptional !

it's the mary poppins of chicken doors! -

Because it's practically perfect in every way. Seriously, it's great, I love that it's side opening so I dont have to worry about it falling on my hens like other auto doors, and has a safety switch if one is in the way when it closes. It's well built, the mechanism gearing seems strong and I have confidence that it will last. The designers really thought about all the issues, really every thing about it is awesome. I got it for the coop and I think I may get a second one to open the run for automatic free ranging.

Nice door -

The door installs reasonably easy. The controller is a little confusing to set. It seems that in this day and age of electronics that an easier programable timer could have been used,

Great door! -

This door is great. I love that I don’t have to be home to close the chickens on their coop for the night, and I don’t have to worry about letting them out in the morning. Works great and it was very easy to install.

Love this Door!! -

I am so thrilled to have an automatic door. The chickens quickly adjusted to it. It is so nice to not have to find time to fit the chickens in during our crazy mornings. It works very well so far and we would highly recommend this!

Easy to install and set up -

The door was very easy to install, the instructions were very clear on how to set up the operation. We converted a metal shed for our coop and i ordered the mesh spacer kit, it turned out this was not needed due to the thickness of the shed wall at the base.


Love this door. Well constructed, good instructions made is fairly easy to install. Installed on side of wooden coop/shed and it works very well!

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