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Omlet auto door best money I have spent!!! Love it!! -

Love it -

We love the automatic door!! It was easy to install onto our existing coop. Works great and makes life easier.

Best product ever -

Made my husband buy this for me for my birthday, he hates buying stuff like this and vacuum cleaners as gifts but I explained it would give me peace of mind to know that my girls were safe and that on evenings when life gets busy they are automatically taken care of!! By far one of the best investments I’ve made for my girls!

Outstanding Improvement for our Coop -

We LOVE our new Omlet door. It is solidly built and was simple to install. It was pre-set to open and close perfectly for our time zone, despite arriving from across the ocean. I appreciate how easy it is to change the settings on the timer. But more importantly, it has given us tremendous freedom by flawlessly opening and closing to let the chickens out at a set time in the morning and safely back in again at night. I still check on them daily, but now I have much more flexibility.

Automatic chicken coop door -

I love the chicken door from your company. Was very easy to install. It was a very good investment for my coop.

Great Auto Door -

So we have chicks that are now four weeks old, and just went into the coop. It was easy to switch the omelette off the auto mode and put it into manual mode so that we can open and close the door ourselves. Love the door, very simple to use. I’m sure once the chicks get older, they will automatically go in the coop at dusk and we can put it back so that the omlet door will automatically open and close. Highly recommended, wish I ordered mine earlier!

Love the door so far -

Just installed the door. It was reasonably easy and opens/closes as programmed. We were concerned about it arriving before our vacation and with one email we had it the next week. It’s attractive and the wiring is well protected from the elements/knowing animals.

Brilliant !! -

It works beautifully !!! No more getting up in the morning !!! Want to go away for a night - no problem !! Absolutely love it !! Little tricky to install for me, so my bf did it for me, but super easy to set up. I am using the light sensor with little delay and it works perfectly !! The only thing I would love to see with it is a solar panel so you don't have to install new batteries all the time !!!! The first night chickens were little scared when the door started shutting but now they used to it and they in and locked up every night when i checked on them !!! Thank you for this amazing product.

Super cool for the super lazy -

It's definitely a little bit of cash to shell out but gosh they make it easy to install. The only slight issue I had was cutting through the wire but my bf helped and then it was a breeze. Our chickens are still trying to figure out how to go in and out but I'm sure they will catch on in no time.

Awesome Auto Door! - Washington,

I'm so glad I got this door. It works great! It was fairly easy to install once I read and re-read the instructions. I don't know why I didn't buy this sooner!

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