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Auto door -

Pleased we bought the auto door for our wooden coop. No more being woken up with the girls shouting. They had no problems using it after it was first installed. Have it on the manual setting presently but when the clocks change in March will change it to light sensitivity. Was easy to install and set up. Would recommend it to anyone wanting quiet mornings.

Really allowed us to relax about putting the hens to bed - West Yorkshire,

Our chickens are on our allotment and since we got them, we were there at least twice a day to let them out and shut them back in. Going out on evenings was a nightmare as we constantly worried about foxes if we weren't there at dusk to close the hatch. The Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door really has taken the pressure off. We can sleep in on the mornings and go out on the evenings without stressing about foxes. The door seems reliable and it took a few days of monitoring to ensure the settings were in tune to our chickens' routines, otherwise I'd be worried about them being locked out at night. Thankfully this has never yet happened. I have just a few niggles, though overall I'm really happy with the door. - I have the door on a light setting; opening and closing according to light levels. This is fine in winter but I know in summer I'd need to tweak the settings so my cockerel isn't let out to crow at 5am and annoy the neighbours. It would have been great if there were an option like "open at XX light level, but no earlier than 08:00", or "open on a time schedule, but close on a light level". Instead, I'll just have to increase the opening light level and perhaps add an additional opening delay too through the year. - I have my door set to close on the lowest light level with quite a high additional delay, which ends up closing just a few minutes after my chickens have taken themselves to bed. I'd have liked the light sensor to have been just a little bit more sensitive, so I didn't have to rely on the lowest light setting. - If I want to manually close the chickens out during the day to clean their coop, only a few minutes later the door will open again because the minimum light level for opening has been met. I'm not aware of a way to be able to close the door until it is either manually opened again, or until it has first gone through the close routine (reaching the minimum light level) before automatically opening the next morning. All in all, a great product that I'd highly recommend and there should be enough configuration options for you to get around any limitations.

Omlet Says: Dear Stuart, Thank you for your review. It is so nice to hear that the door has made such a difference to your day to day routines. I will pass on your comments about opening and closing on different modes, this might be something they can look into. If you wish to keep your chickens out during the cleaning of your coop, you can still use the manual coop door, or you can change the mode on the control panel to "manual" then change it back to "light" once you have finished cleaning the coop. I hope this information helps, please feel free to email our customer services team at hello@omlet.co.uk if you have any further questions or concerns. Kindest regards, Omlet

Works well, battery installation could be better. -

Overall the kit is easy to install and the door works well. I think having to unscrew the back of the controller each time batteries need replacement is a poor design issue as over time the threads will wear and replacement exposes the motherboard & connections. I’m not sure why a standard battery compartment was not used. Also the light detector is fickle & struggled to give an indication of light intensity which was remotely consistent. The timer works well thankfully as the unit is easy to program.

Omlet Says: Hello Nicole, Thank you for your review, we will pass on your comments about the battery compartment to our product design team. As for the light sensor, the brightness outside is rarely consistent. Light levels change depending on the weather, the clouds and sun position. However if you believe that your control panel is faulty, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on hello@omlet.com.au. Kindest regards, Omlet

Just brilliant -

So much aggro trying to get teenage sons ( and husband .) to put chickens away when I’m at work! All solved... and I can even risk an extra hour in bed on a weekend. Chicken keeping now giving the joy I had hoped...wish I d bought it 4 yrs ago.

Help with winter blues! -

Got this coop light to help my girls through this very dark period! As it is also compatible with my door. Bonus! it is a real help!

exellent product -

superb bit of kit works perfectly every time. they r my daughters chickens and this device has taken a lot of stress off her knowing that they r safely tucked up and released at right times.

Keeps them safe and secure! - Texas,

We've had the door now for a month, and it has worked great! We went out of town for a few days, and the chickens were let out and locked up during their routine hours. Installation was a breeze, and Omlet provided more than enough hardware for multiple mounting options. The online video tutorial was very helpful. We used the time setting option for opening and closing the door, and so far it has stuck with it. Why did I purchase this over other doors? The first reason is it is made of plastic, and it does not require a power outlet. Living in Houston, it gets humid and wet all the time, so I did not want something that would rust easily. Running on batteries is a plus because I didn't to run a power cord to it. I looked at some solar options, but didn't want to deal with the additional hardware. Overall, the price was economical and well worth it for the ease of installation and use!

A revelation! - Cornwall,

The automatic door was recommended to me by a friend, so I put it on my Christmas list. It was not fiddly to fit (as had been suggested) not that I fitted it, but the guy who did, did not have any problem. This was on a Mark I so we had all the kit to go with it. We decided to use the timer, rather than rely on daylight, as one of the chickens is a dirty stop out. This works really well, and if they are all in I can use the override. I now no longer have to shock the neighbourhood by going out in my dressing gown to let them out which, given the weather we have been having, has often resulted in muddy pjs. And also not worry about chasing back to shut them up at night. Not cheap, but well worth every penny

Auto-door -

I have been wanting to review this for a while now, but I am still so excited about the life changing aspect of this auto-door, I may never calm down! It is amazing. It does exactly what it's supposed to do. My hens are safely tucked in before I get home from work, and they're up and out the next morning before I have my coffee. No more fretting in the dead of winter about the well-being of my flock. The auto-door takes care of the security details so you can focus on the other stuff. Thank you Omlet for a superb product.

Absolutely brilliant! -

Having plucked up the courage to spend the money on this product I am thoroughly pleased that I did. It has meant that I can stop panicking about getting back to close them in before dark. We lost our old chooks 10 years ago to an early fox visit. Our hens are free range and we opted to put it on the Cube rather than the run. Only one old hen has once stayed out too long on the perch since having this door, and after opening the door manually, she went in. She has never done it again! We have it on the preset light settings and it has worked fine. I can thoroughly recommend it just for the peace of mind.

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