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Nit even receive in few months - Tzu,

Ordered with the 2x3x2 . Delivered in two month and connection kits are still not even receive yet

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021

Omlet Says: Thank you for leaving us a review. I'm sorry that the delivery of your purchase with us was delayed. Please contact our customer service team and we will be sure to look into this for you, as well as updating you on the status of your connection kits.

Not up to the job - Helen,

My 17 week old chickens flapped over this easily. I clipped their wings, using the omlet video as my guide, and it still isn’t high enough. A waste of money!!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Speckledy pets

Omlet Says: Chickens like humans are all unique, some have better aerodynamic capabilities than their peers and might be able to fly over even with their wings clipped, this however isn't very common. They are still very young right now and will get heavier with age, this should slow them down for any jumping ventures they have planned for in the future!!

not what i thought they were - Michael,

i bought these thinking i could put them outside for my girls to sit on - you can't and it is not clear from the photo or copy that this is the case

Verified Purchase: Feb 2016

Omlet Says: Hello, it's Stephanie from Omlet. Thank you for your review, your feedback is really important to us. These Roosting bars come as standard with the Eglu Classic, and they are sold as a replacement or extra set to use in the house. There is not reason why they could not be put outside, but it would be unlikely that the hens would choose to roost in the daylight.

Does what they're supposed to! - Meredith,

Good to be able to get these replacements for ours that went astray during moving.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2012

Fantastic - Michele,

At last, someting which keeps our girls safe and also they cannot escape and attack the garden flowers. The net is so flexible too so can make the run large or small . Great design.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Easy to use and durable - Sarah,

This netting is well-designed and very easy to assemble and move around. However, don't put it too close to your vegetables, or your chickens are likely to put their heads through and nibble them! (To be fair, they can manage this with ordinary chicken wire too).

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Fab, sorted all our problems. - Janet,

My plants and beds can now recover from the frantic digging and raking up that has happened over the last 3 weeks since I first got my hens. The hens are perfectly happy in the enclosure and it was easy to put up, even without instructions.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2013

Major fault in design, not for everyday - An Omleteer,

This product seemed great on purchase and for a couple of months. I had noted all the problems mentioned by others and was prepared for sagging and need for extra supports. But what I wasn't prepared for at this huge price was a design error that has small netting holes at only the bottom 3 rows and very large ones above this that the hens can walk through with a push. It only takes the slightest sag, or the chickens putting a head through one row up and pushing, or even better, they learnt to step on it and pull it down and they just walk through the larger holes! It took them a little time to work that out and that if they push their big tummy against the netting as they push through a hole and they eventually pop through, or the netting snaps. What is even worse is that with all this pushing their heads through to reach the 'greener grass' on the other side, the netting has snapped in many places. Got it six months ago. But far too expensive to have to replace. May work for the odd occasions, but not for every day.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2015

Comepletely Useless - An Omleteer,

I was so excited when this arrived I really was looking forward to it then I opend the box and it had been just stuffed in as usual not packed propperly at all. I set it up myself and none of the poles stand up propperly and cause various areas to sag even with the clips and put in propperly. It causes a danger to not only my birds who have walked into it and got stuck (mine are Brahmas) But my Polands can walk straight through the holes. Cats aslo have difficulty with the hole size mine managed to get herself stuck as well this thing is unsafe chickens and other pets the holes are too big. Ive only had it a month and want to send it back -.- Its certainly not at all easy to store away.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2009

Not at all useful - An Omleteer,

I brought this with my cube to use as a "day area" where the kids could sit with the hens in their area and all be safe. All the birds flew out after a short time. Despite stretching it to the max and ensuring it was completely "tall", it never worked well.

Verified Purchase: May 2009

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