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Fair - Katie,

The product arrived late so I had already assembled the main coop not realising that I would have to take it all apart and start again. It was so frustrating. Overall, the product is expensive but I don't feel it's robust.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Katie, thank you for leaving us a review. We completely understand. The wheel set up should ideally be done at the same time as you assemble your coop. I'm sorry that both parts didn't arrive together and you found you had to go back on yourself slightly! Please let us know if you do find that you are having any problems with the wheels, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and customer feedback is extremely important to us!

Ok - Jayne,

The screw pegs are are fine for the flat fox proof wire at base of wire housing and screwing them into grass makes them secure as not easily lifted out.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Fantastic item - Mirella,

Brilliant Item. A must for any chicken keeper as easy to use and remove for cleaning. Soak in water for an hour then scub with chicken friendly cleaning fliud comes up good as new.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2016

Far to flexible - Brian,

These are the same poles that are supplied with the netting all are just far too flexible. Unfortunately I seem to have a garden that is a turfed over quarry and getting even a garden fork in is a trial. Trying to get these poles in the ground is almost impossible (for us) because they bend so much you think they will break and being plastic you can't use a mallet. When they are in, over time they sag with the weight of the net and you have to reposition them and the whole thing starts again.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2010

Not chickenproof - Michelle,

I bought this to try to give my hens a patch of garden that they could have, and wreck, to their hearts content, and to keep a patch of greenery for ourselves. On the whole it kept them off the lawn and borders, with the exception of Lily, our Houdini hen. If she could get under it, she would. If she couldn't, she would just flutter herself over, even with a clipped wing. If you have docile, obedient hens who stay in their place, it is probably brilliant. But if not - and you won't know until you have it, probably - it will be an expensive mistake. I have gone for a large, walk-in run that gives them a section of the garden and that is it. We get the rest of the garden. I wasn't going to mess around with a Cube run that I would have to crawl into, and I object paying another £50 for a replacement door panel for the Cube. The money spent on the chicken netting and cube run would have gone some way towards the chicken enclosure I have now.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2016

Expensive for what it is - Paul,

Not enough spare poles so means only good for fencing of long straight lines.

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Plastic Roosting Bars - Eglu Mark 2 - An Omleteer,

I haven't used these - I was quite disappointed in the quality, they are very lightweight, I was expecting solid plastic bars, not what I think looks like a large ice cube tray.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2009

Bolts and Washers - An Omleteer,

The ladder needs smaller washers to attach. The big ones provided here extend beyond. Doesn't look like belong.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2010

Chicken netting - An Omleteer,

Like the idea and how easy it was to put up but not tall enough. One of my chickens keeps jumping over it. Wing clipped she jumps up and balances/wobbles on the top then over she goes. I would have like to see it a lot higher. Now having to add more wire and poles to keep her in.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2009

Chicken Netting - An Omleteer,

This is an excellent product but people must not rely on it to keep foxes out, as they can chew through it! You need to get it electrified.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019