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Reviews for Clear Cover for Eglu Cube - Wind - Pack of Three

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Wind and Waterproof -

I use two packs of wind breaks, one set of three I leave on at the end of the coop to give the girls a cosy spot and the other three I clip on when it’s really wild weather. They are strong clear plastic so you can still see the hens and they can see you and with the bungee cords easy clip on and off wherever you need them.

As expected - Durham,

Bought to add some wind protection for the bad weather as my hens like to sit under the cube for shelter

Eglu Cube mk2 - Wind breakers -

Great addition to the coop, the chickens seem to like to shelter under the coop and these help to keep them cozy and away from the excessive wind.

Great -

These create a perfect shelter under the cube for my hens. And the Velcro makes it easy to engage the wheels for moving the cube about. Very happy with this product.

Clear Covers - Essex,

These are great, put two at the sides and I bought a solid one for the back to give chicks a bit of shade and shelter. Will use clear all round in the winter hopefully creating a bit of warmth. Would have given 5 stars but the metal eyes are showing rust after only a couple of weeks.

Just the job! - East Sussex,

I previously had the thin sun shade type covers for the back of the cube, however they were very old and had split. These heavy duty covers are a great replacement. Having clear covers means that even on a wet day, the area beneath the coop remains bright. I used the clear thick plastic bags that these covers were supplied in tucked round the corners to fill in the gaps and eliminate any draughts which seems to have worked fine. The chooks seem very pleased with the up-grade!

Great but... -

I had the original green set and, at the time, wished that they were clear as I mainly use them in the winter when the chooks need more light. So I was very pleased to discover these ones. The only drawback (also with the green set) is that they're not quite long enough - there are always gaps on the corners where they don't meet, which is an issue where I live as it can blow a gale sometimes, bringing in rain and snow. OMLET: A complete single wrap-around version would be ideal, otherwise each cover really needs to be customised to fit better.