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Great high vis vest - Sam, QLD,

Comfortable fit, excellent product! Beryl loves it :-)

Verified Purchase: Dec 2016

Brilliant! - Liz,

I love the Hi-Viz Chicken jackets! The two new rescue hens are lacking in feathers around their bodies so they keep warm in their jackets now the weather is changing. An added bonus for them is that they are protected from pecking from the other hens as they sort out their new pecking order. Highly recommended.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2019

Great little jackets - Wendy,

Received my 4 jackets and I love them. Not sure my girls share my enthusiasm, they get a bit freaked out at first but they do settle down. They look so cute. Great invention!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

- Erica,

Super Christmas present for the girls.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015

Hi Viz Hen Jackets - Brilliant - Lucy,

I bought these for my hens not so much for the high viz but because we live in the Scottish Highlands and I wanted jackets for some of my poor hens who, thanks to the cockerel's amorous attentions, are totally bald on their backs. I was worried to death about them being cold and some of them were very obviously miserable. With these jackets problem solved. Once the jackets were on and the hens became accustomed to them (which took about 24 hours) they perked up no end and now seem very contented again. The jackets have the added bonus of protecting them from further attention from himself so winners all round. The advice is not to use the jackets as pyjamas but I have been leaving them on 24/7 because the temperatures drop so low here at night. I check constantly for any hen showing signs of discomfort and pick them up and check for fit and rubbing every few days. There are no problems and I am sure the girls are not too warm at night - like I say we live in the Scottish Highlands. I am delighted, many thanks Omlet.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2015

Super insulators too ! - Anderson,

If you ever want to cheer anyone up then just put one of these jackets on a chicken from a flock and just watch the reaction of the rest. They don't recognise their lady buddy at first and it's hilarious !! The yellow one got the biggest reaction and so we had to start off with the moderate pink and tried it on each chicken in turn. They all walked backwards initially trying to take it off but soon got used to it. We have a couple of ex-batt chickens needing extra insulation at night and so we pop their high-vis 'pyjamas' on before they roost and it keeps their featherless areas warm as toast. No blue tinged combs in the morning ! They got used to their routine really quick and help us dress/undress them. Good value for money. Easy to use and wipeable too.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2015

Chicken Vest is perfect for Kanagaroos - Amanda,

Meet Mallee, Australia's most visible kangaroo, thanks to my recent purchase of one of your high-vis chicken vests! She's now far less likely to get run over or accidentally shot. Thanks for catering for the safety needs of more unconventional pets!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2015

Great, fun product - Dee,

I bought the twin pack high-vis chicken jackets as a birthday present and they went down a treat! Great idea, very fun and helps keep the kids involved (and interested) with the chicken keeping! Thanks Omlet!!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

It's off to work we go. - Doreen,

I finally bought these jackets for my hens after a bout of feather pecking left one of them with a persistently bald rump and so, with winter on it's way, relented. The cost is an issue obviously but to Omlet's credit they are well made, don't swamp my little Leghorns and are easy to get on and off. Everyone who sees them thinks they're hilarious and they put a smile on my face every time I spot one of "the crew" mooching about the place. The girls are confused for a minute or two when they first go on and usually try to reverse out of them, into my leg, the food hopper or a wall (shouldn't laugh - can't help it) but by the time I've done the last one and opened the run all is well. I was concerned that they might disrupt they're egg laying but they're all ok with it and so am I.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2014

Hi Vis chicken jackets - Ken,

These jackets are great - I have trained several of my birds as security hens and they are now easily identified by the others in times of need. The trained hens can now safely lead the others to safety and help them cross the road etc without risk of not being seen.

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