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Eglu Go Up and run a great home for our 3 chickens - Philippa,

Very happy with this Eglu. Easy to clean and use. Might extend the handles a little to make it easier to push them down and wheel it around but we are really pleased with it all!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015

- Leavey,

5 stars for my Omlet chicken house and run. My 5 year old granddaughter helped me put it together. The only problem I found is the door at the rear could do with a slide hinge as we let the chickens out round the garden to put 3 birds away at end of the day ends up being a 2 person job. But what ease to clean I would recommend it to any one with a small garden as it's on wheels!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2016

Very pleased with our purchase. - Helen,

We are first-time hen keepers who recently acquired three commercial rescue hens as pets. This coop was bought for them, and we have been using it for about five weeks now. I am not an enthusiastic assmebler of flat packs but I found that the house itself was easy to assemble although it took a bit longer than the guide time. The run was a bit of a nightmare to assemble - the clips were very fiddly and hard on the fingers, and I had not expected there to be some many small panels to put together. It took me ages and I had to re-do one side as I had made a mistake somewhere along the line. However, I am absolutely delighted with the finished product. The hens love it and it is very easy to keep clean.My two children soon got the hang of opening and closing the run door and the coop, and they love going out in the morning to let the hens out, feed them and check for eggs. I am glad I bought the wheels package as it makes it very easy to move the coop and run around the garden. I didn't realise to begin how to click the wheels into position but my 5 year old soon sorted me out. (He has been an avid viewer of the videos of the coop on the Omlet website!) Having the coop up off the ground makes it easier to clean and to collect eggs, and the hens also like sheltering under it if it is raining.It also gives them a bit extra grass if they are shut in the run during the day (they normally get to free-range) although we bought the 1m extension which I think gives them about the right amount of space. The hens took no time at all to get the hang of the ladder and take themselves to bed every night. I feel that they are safe in the coop at night as it seems very sturdy and secure. I also think the coop and run look great in our garden and several visitors have said the same thing. So, all in all, very pleased with our purchase and happy to give it 5 out of 5 even although the run was quite fiddly to put together.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2017

Cute coop, outstanding customer service - Mary,

Still building Go-Up coop run and I don't have my chickens yet but I wanted to write this to share first impressions and Omlets outstanding customer service. First impression: Adorable, practical coop as promised, easy to build! Customer service: Outstanding! Friendly, professional, and loyalty building. One box of four in our shipment was badly damaged in shipment- I presume it had a long journey to California. Scuffed coop frame. Kids and I fretted. Contacted customer service to report the issue and sent pics of the damage and they promptly and without question sent a replacement, with frequent email updates during the process. Clare in customer service could not be nicer, I am thinking of naming one of our chickens after her. Thank you Omlet, Clare and team!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Great little chicken house - Jenny,

Received my pretty purple eglu when stated. Easy to assemble and fantastic to clean. I now have happy hens.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2016

Absolutely delighted - Enid,

I love this coop! It arrived when expected and my husband and I put it together over three days. All the bits and pieces were there and the instructions were clear. It looks awesome and I can't wait to see my chickens in it soon.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2016

Prize winning chicken coop! - Liz,

We love our Omlet Go Up coop and run. It is incredibly easy to use and manage. The chickens have been a great addition to the family and have even produced prize winning eggs. 1st prize in the village horticultural show!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Eglu go up - Alicia,

So far so good awaiting arrival of chickens. Parcel with coop arrived safe with all the bits. More difficult and time consuming to assemble than envisaged feel the run attached could be made simpler... too many bits. Looks good in the garden

Verified Purchase: Oct 2016

Great product. Dissapointing courier service - Carolyn, West Midlands,

Love the eglu go up, looks good and very easy to clean. I'm very pleased with it however the courier delivery service was terrible. One part if the order went to the wrong sorting office and came a day late. Boxes were damaged , and because there was hole on one of the boxes, screws were missing. Luckily I was able to buy some that I could use. Overall, happy with omlet - but wouldn't want to use that courier again.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2019

Totally Fantastic - Sue, Essex,

This set up is worth every penny. My birds love it and so do we. It is easy to clean out, taking minutes not hours, and the feeling of security is wonderful. It is well made and straightforward to put together (it did take two of us - one reading the instructions). My ex batts are in paradise.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2016

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