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Verified Reviews for Zippi® Guinea Pig Run Platforms - Create More Space in Your Zippi Run

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Guinea’s reach new heights! - Emily,

Our GP’s love their new platform- they are so nosey and love to see what’s going on in the garden so this is perfect! They also know there is likely to be treats up there so are keen to go and have a look. I think in the warmer months they will spend even more time up there. It’s a great new addition to their home.
Review for: Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms - 2 panels

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Excellent! - Rachel,

Our 2 piggies have loved playing on their new platform! It was easy to assemble, took approx 15 mins to add them to the run. We coaxed Nadia and Sunny up the ramp with little treats. Nadia made it up first and enjoyed looking around and relaxing in the hide we put on top. They both seem to like sitting under the platform, I think they feel secure there. We put Sunny on the platform on a sunny day and she enjoyed chilling in the hide in the warmth. It's easy to clean and adds a new element of fun to their run. Highly recommended.
Review for: Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms - 2 panels

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

- Harriet,

So funny watching my guinea pigs run up and down the ramp. I’ve put a shelter on top and they love chilling up there. Highly recommend!
Review for: Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms - 3 panels - 1 ramp