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did the job - Martin,

We wanted some more run space as we were adding 2 new birds to the 2 we had and the 2 factions needed some space! I was Ok with adding the run as it is common sense after I had managed to suss out which way round. I was surprised that the instructions promised in response from earlier reviews was not in the box. This would help a lot, even if making the decision more confident as the angled end seems a bit out of place on first view.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2014

Aesthetically pleasing, good size, rabbits love it - Emma,

Am very happy with the run. My only gripe is that on days where bunnies a bit reluctant to come out you have to crawl in on hands and knees to get them. However if using it as permanent home maybe less of an issue, but mine go in a hutch at night or in day if too many noisy/naughty children round to play. Only easy to move when you remove the heavy plastic end part as if to clean it out, otherwise too heavy and awkward to move alone.

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Great! - Isabelle,

Easy to add on, much better for hens.

Very easy to attach - Fiona,

Very easy to attach

our chickens love it - Elizabeth,

We have had our eglu about 6 weeks now, we love it and so do our chickens. We got it for my 2 year old son for his birthday, it is child friendly and really easy to clean etc.The run converter just makes it so much bigger, its great. thank you!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2013

Super dooper, but shame no instructions - Hazel,

Bought this to give our 3 ex bats - Jemima, Belina and Maggie - extra space to mooch around whilst we're at work. Great product, only wish instuctions were in the box. Had to consult the Omlet site to make sure we were putting it on correctly.

Extra Space - Ruth,

I really value the extra space this gives my chooks on the days I work as I am unable to let them out until I get home. It also means they don't do much damage to the lawn or end up knee deep in poo, although I do move the run a foot or so each day which probably helps! It does make the run a little trickier to move as more strength is required.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2010

a great buy - Steph,

We felt the girls needed a little more room as when we are on holiday they are locked up inside the run. This extra room gave them just a little more leg room! It was simple to put up, took about 15-30 mins, not to bad!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2010

V Good - Sarah,

I feel much happier now the girls have a bit more room to run around in. It was easy to put up, but finding more level ground was a bit of a problem. The run is very rigid and the end tends to stick up in the air if the ground is not totally flat. Got there eventually, but did have to buy pegs to seal gaps under the run. And of course it's not so easy to move the whole thing around now.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

Great - Lucy,

Very easy to assemble, even in the cold rain!! Doubled the size of the rabbit run which is appreciated.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

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