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Herbal wormer - Heidi,

The wormer is in Tiny pellet form. Looks easily eaten. Unfortunately our hens don’t care for the smell. They shake their heads and walk away. We tried putting them in minimarshmellows. They eat around it. I haven’t been able to hide it in something where they will eat it and not find it. I personally like the smell of the herbs. I think we just have oddball hens. I will be giving some to friends to see if their flocks eat it since mine are picky chickys!
Review for: Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Chickens 250g

Verified Purchase: Aug 2018

Gives the beginning chicken owner a good start - Jackson,

Review for: Chicken Keeping Basic Starter Pack

Verified Purchase: Mar 2017

Worth a try, but didn't work for us - Alex,

Bought this as a couple of our chickens were sneezing/coughing. Added Citricidal to their water for several weeks, and sadly no change. That said, it's not done them any harm, and they still look healthy otherwise, so don't regret trying it.
Review for: Higher Nature Citricidal - 45ml

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Fair - Stefanie,

It's just like Vaseline.
Review for: Battles Poultry Comb and Wattle Protector

Verified Purchase: Mar 2018

Oregano oil is better. - Christina,

Being a health therapist, I can attest that this product has all the right herbs in it. As to whether or not they are in the correct proportions, I'm not sure. It needs to be administered once a month rather than once every six months, so that is a downside. I tried soaking some bread in it, but the girls didn't eat the bread, so I put it in the water. However, when putting in the correct amount, they really didn't like it. They only drank it when it was more diluted. I would actually recommend a good quality oregano oil. Oregano is a good all round antiviral and antibacterial and I have read sources that organic chicken farmers swear by it for the overall health of their flocks. It is easier to deal with and also smells a lot nicer!
Review for: Verm-X Herbal Liquid for Chickens 250ml

Verified Purchase: Jul 2018

Alright - Helen,

I brought this product as my girls seem prone to laying the odd soft shelled egg or two. I added it to their mash but I can't really say it has solved the problem. It did seem to make the egg shells smoother but I am still getting the odd soft shelled egg which I am now putting down to the fact they are young.
Review for: Equimins Egg Shell Improver 500g

Verified Purchase: Nov 2017

But do they work? - Pete,

My hens like these, but maybe just because they add a nice green speckle to the bland uniform grey/brown Omlet food (mine are grass lovers!). It remains to be seen if they work, but so far, so good.
Review for: Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Chickens 250g

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

A newbie thing - Pete,

Probably a useful collection. Only really used the cleaning spray. The shavings seemed a bit coarse to use for beeding and I had bought some Aubiose which my girls prefers because it is soft and light. I also use the aubiose in their litter trays. DE - waiting for signs of any nasties before using it and none yet. Grit - well I read on the Omlet organic feed pack that its already included in the mixture so no need, and mine free range most days so have access to gritty soil. Would I buy it again? No.
Review for: Chicken Keeping Basic Starter Pack

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

Seems good - Sue,

The hens are drinking it wino problems and their upset tums have cleared up.
Review for: Orego-Stim Avian Complete - 500ml

Verified Purchase: Jul 2014

Good quality - Sue,

Compared with other grit I have used this seems a much better product with larger pieces of grit. Unfortunately, as with other types I've tried, my hens don't eat it. I've mixed it with their pellets and it is just left in the bottom of the feeder and I'm currently leaving it in a seperate feeder but they still don't seem to be trying it. I have only been using it for approx one month however, so I will persevere with it.
Review for: Omlet Mixed Chicken Grit 1.25KG Bag

Verified Purchase: Sep 2014

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