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Excellent hutch and run - Paul,

This is a great product and our rabbits seem very happy with the extra run space and weather proof hutch. The construction was really easy thanks to the youtube video which walks you through every step really clearly and in detail. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the straw basket was constructed back to front and I had to do some extra DIY to take it apart and put it back together the correct way and the water bottle screw top split after only a month which meant we have had to buy a new water bottle already.

Omlet Says: Hi Paul, Great to hear that you love the product. Sorry to hear that you had issues with the hay rack and water bottle, if you had got in touch we would have replaced them :) Thanks, Lara @ Omlet

Excellent product - Jan,

Our two rabbits have now been in their new home for a month and they love it. It is spacious, airy and very well made with the added bonus that it is soooo easy to clean and keep clean. No chewing( so far ! )which is a miracle as they completely wrecked their previous run which was wooden. We did not find it very easy to construct but, now its done, we could easily do another one! We had previously read about the hen houses but then found out about the rabbit housing so ..... We would not hesitate to recommend any of these products in view of the high standards of design and manufacture.

Verified Purchase: May 2018

Awesome rabbit hutch - Zena, Lancashire,

This Omlet Go rabbit home is the best rabbit home there will ever be! My rabbits called Fudge and Charcoal love it, they love to play, feed, drink, exercise and relax together in their home. It has made it all the easier to play with them, and keep friends with them. It is very easy to clean and move onto fresh grass. I find it easy to keep the rabbits now they are in the Omlet Go. I love seeing and playing with them, and has made me want to be with them a lot more! It is and will be the best rabbit home you will ever find.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Great product - Kellie,

My rabbits Floyd & Izzy loved it. We are very pleased. A small issue the water bottle was broken x 2. Thank you Omlet..

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Omlet Says: Great to hear that Floyd and Izzy are enjoying it Kellie, re the water bottle I will send out a replacement :)

Great product. - Dana,

My bunny loves his large run. The hutch and run were easily assembled, and all parts were included. The quality of the product is good also. We are very pleased.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2017

Great but a little fiddly to put together - Sherrie,

Love the end result. The hutch itself is easy enough to put together but the run is a little frustrating. I've had timber hutches before and have always been disappointed with them. The weather ultimately decays the cheap timber and they start to fall apart. This time I decided to go for something more robust and long lasting. I love the easy access for both me and the bunnies. It's easy to clean and it looks great.

Verified Purchase: May 2017

My Buns Love This - Lauren,

So far so good! Shipping was fast, assembly was easy, the pieces are solid and fit together well, easy cleaning. I've moved it around a lot because the ground under the run gets destroyed after a couple days and it's held up to being dragged. No escapes or predators, just a busy chipmunk! A small issue is the run wire coupling clips didn't seem secure so we added wire twists. On a personal preference, the entry door is low and small so I can't get inside to reach toys or visit with the Buns so I need a different set up, but the Egg and the run are both maintenance free and the Buns are happy. So are we!

Great home for a rabbit! - Lindsey,

I have dreamt of owning an Omlet Eglu since I was a teenager. I have kept rabbits my whole life and having tried out every rabbit housing option available I was very excited about the idea of this plastic pod! Having finally purchased my Eglu some 15 years later, I can say I'm not disappointed and do believe it to be the best rabbit housing available on the market. Some reviews are negative in terms of the little glitches here and there with this product but keeping rabbits safe whilst also as free range as possible is not an easy thing to do. I would be very interested in seeing any other attempts of meeting the criteria better than this product does. The imperfections I have found include the falling hay rack, as many others have mentioned. This is a pain as it stops the rabbits from being able to drink from the water bottle. The other thing that makes this less than ideal is that you cannot reach your rabbits when in the run or clean areas out unless you crawl in. I believe this has already been addressed with a new door attachment that is now available. As I say you cannot have everything when it comes to giving your rabbits freedom but also keeping them contained. This seems a good result to the problem to me. The most important things I wanted from my rabbit house were somewhere warm and draft free in the winter, cool and ventilated in the summer, something easy to clean and most importantly space for free living but in a safe enclosure. The Eglu does all of that! It also looks attractive in your garden! It may not be totally perfect in every way but it is by far the best designed rabbit home to date.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2016

Excellent Product,because of this i now intend to buy 2 rabbit cages. - Robert,

This product is excellent and does "what it says on the tin."You can leave your rabbits out all day knowing that they are safe from foxes. One night I left Twitch out all night as she had been bullying Patch and when I looked out in morning the transparent screen over the top of the run scattered the garden.I opened the back door fearing the worse but was relieved to hearing Twitch,in her bunny tunnel,thumping her back feet.She got a lot of hugs and love.Whenn clearing up the mess left by the foxes there were 4 deposits,three of which had a different consistency therefore the eglu hutch and run had suffered a sustained attack by at least 3 foxes and had kept them out,keeping Twitch Safe. It is worth putting some cable ties around the cage and floor which makes moving it around the garden very easy. Due to this I intend to buy 2 rabbit cages from Omlet,measuring 3m by 3m,height 6ft 8in. as I have 4 rabbits living as 2 pairs. Once more an Excellent,Excellent product and the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful when you speak to them on the phone.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2018

Inside bunnies to outside bunnies - Abby,

My two mini lops had been house rabbits for the first two years of there lives but due to a house move it was time to venture outside. I wanted to make sure that they had a home which was safe and gave them enough room and sure enough the Eglu has given them that. Building the Eglu itself was straight forward but the run had me and my partner tied in knots. I contacted omlet and we were in fact send the wrong instructions and our run came with 5 top panels and a support bar instead of the 3 panels which we were expecting. This was soon explained by customer support and we were sent new instructions via email. A tip to those yet to build the run would be that the pieces have to be clipped tightly into place as at first they don't seem to join. It is definitely a two person job and a little strength is required. I ordered both full length covers as we ended moving them in very wet conditions, the bungee cords are great and the covers have easily overlapped to give shade and complete cover from rain. I have put the covers on so they are not flush to the floor to allow circulation and they both seem to be very happy. I was concerned about the underfloor anti tunnel as our grass is definitely not flat! I combat this my using some tree trunk bricks that my rabbits were already fond of, which not only holds the run down to stop their feet getting caught but also gives them look out points. They have also continued to use their plastic potty which I've placed at the front for an easy clean and I also decided to leave their carry case in as an outside hideout (this also makes it harder for them to know when a trip to the vet is on the cards! The only criticism would be that I was not confident that the door to the run would stop anyone getting in or out! I decided to order more run clips to add a few to the front door which can be popped off before opening. Great product, happy bunnies! Thanks omlet

Verified Purchase: Jun 2017

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