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Run extension pack G - Victoria7668,

we have just extended the walk in run we bought with our cube 4 years ago. Like most people we wondered if we could justify the significant outlay at the time but the look of them to others looking down on my garden was just important to me as the security for the birds it claimed to offer. I have to say if you want to keep chickens in your garden but don’t want their area to look like an eye saw then these coops & runs are a must. Despite the large size of our set up with regular maintenance to their area they still look as good as the day we bought them, in my opinion they are worth every penny.

Just Brilliant! - Jane, Midlothian,

WOW! Just extended my W.I.R. from 6 x 9 to 9 x 9. Don't know what I'm going to do with the space........wait a minute - get more chooks! Can't congratulate Omlet enough for such a brilliant product. Easy to instal and I'm sure I could have done it all by myself. So glad I've kept to all your products as the quality is tremendous.

Brilliant - Debra,

All the products I have received from Omlet are great. Makes into a sturdy structure that my chicken are safe and secure. Putting the whole thing together proved difficult at first. Really please with the product

It works! - Jonathan,

It extends the walk in run by 1m!!??

Excellent product and service as always - Kerry,

Bought 2 of the extension to make my WIR even bigger for my girls. As always the product was excellent and the service that I received from Omlet outstanding. Keep up the good work guys.

Walk in run plus extension - Liz,

I am very pleased indeed with my purchase. It looks great in the garden and is a very sturdy and secure place for my chickens to live. I hesitated about buying the product when I saw the price but having done lots of research it became clear that this run is by far the best quality on the market. No sleepness nights for me worrying that the foxes are going to breach the defences! Take my that little bit extra and have an 'Omlet' man put it together for you. A very nice man indeed put ours together, and it took him three hours. How long would it have taken for us to do the same job I wonder ?

Just brilliant! - Cathie,

My chickens are extremely pleased with my recent purchase. They have a fabulous extension which gives them more space and a totally secure enclosure. With the surround neatly placed on old paving slabs, there's no danger of rodents entering uninvited either. Easy to install and will last forever. Well done Omlet!

Really good add-on - Fur,

This extension was an easy to build addition to the WIR when we bought it. No instructions because this is included in the WIR instructions. Able to swap the stable door that comes with the WIR with side panels of the exteansion, meaning the door can be placed in the extension section of the WIR. Well done Omlet!

makes the run a good size - Pam,

I was very pleased with the extension to the walk-in run. The extra metre makes it a good size and enabled me to use part of the original run inside, so that the chickens have somewhere to run when frightened or when the weather is grotty. I have hung a rope from the roof with a piece of string which is wound round a sweetcorn screw, which is then inserted into a cabbage so that it hands down just the right length so that the chickens can peck at it, and it gives them an extra bit of exercise. They seem to really enjoy this!

Excellent addition - Fur,

We bought this with our WIR to make an area 3mx2m. Well worth the extra expense. Put it on the end so the stable door is in the central section.

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