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Verified Reviews for Zippi® Rabbit Run Platforms - Create More Space in Your Zippi Run

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- Angela,

A great new addition to our Zippi tunnels and runs. This platform gives my rabbits a place to look out from or get some shelter (I’m sure in the summer it’ll provide some more shade too). Our rabbits are having lots of fun with the platform and more exercise.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Practical, Sturdy and Great Fun for the Bunnies - Ruth,

My rabbits quickly took to their new platforms, happily jumping on and off before learning how to use the ramp. It's great to sit by the edge of the cage and watch them munching their greens at eye level. When used under a cover, the platforms offer a lovely dry surface where they can give themselves a good clean and are plenty big and sturdy enough to accommodate my two giants and small lop together. An excellent addition to their run, like a loft conversion for bunnies.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 3 panels - 1 ramp

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020