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asking led to these inventions


Eglu Pro chicken coop designed by Omlet for up to 15 chickens
eglu pro

Turn your home into a homestead with our biggest ever Eglu.

From £1,399.00


Smart automatic chicken coop door green with Omlet app
Smart autodoor

Use our app to connect with your flock, wherever you are. 

From £199.00

Switch Sisal Light Up Cat Scratching Post - Cream

A scratcher that activates your cat’s apex predator instincts.

From £139.00

Eglu Cube chicken coop designed by Omlet for up to 10 chickens
eglu cube

Can a chicken coop be quick to clean?

From £679.00

Luxury Dog Beds - Topology
Dog Beds

What if a dog bed could live forever?

From £49.00


We ask. We invent.

We’re Omlet and since 2004 we’ve been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for pets. Inspired by the magic when humans and animals connect, we watch, learn and ask so we can invent. Our products will make you wonder: why hasn't it always been done this way?