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Commercial Geese

Commercial History

All breeds of geese previously mentioned were developed for a specific human purpose from wild or semi domesticated birds. This makes them so unique to areas with specific needs such as the fighting geese or the need for very hardy birds. The 21st century is no exception except the breeds we now develop are termed commercial breeds and are aimed mainly aimed at the meat section. The Legarth for example is a fast growing white goose which is a very good layer at around 50-60 eggs a year.

Commercial Behaviour

One of traits that commercial breeders look for is docility and the ability to live calmly in flocks so commercial breeds tend to be comparatively easy to handle. As with all geese they need grass, space and safe housing from predators.

Appearance Commercial geese tend to be white which leads to huge confusion when they are sold at sales as they can be referred to as Embdens or Romans or other breeds of white geese.

Commercial geese are plentiful and it may be worth asking an goose producer for their older birds. Although the pure breeds are wonderful and have a startling and intricate history, there is no reason to look down on these commercial breeds who combine good meat qualities with really very good egg laying and a pleasant temperament. Rather than passed off as a pure breed, these hybrids should be valued in their own right. No one with commercial geese should feel they are poor cousins to the pure breds, they are just different.

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