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Why would you go anywhere else? -

I would highly recommend Noddys to anyone seeking healthy chickens. Beautifully kept and the set up is a credit to them. Rob couldn't have been more helpful. I have purchased from them in the past and would do so again.

Great place to get chickens -

The best chicken place i have come across in 15 plus years of owning chickens. Really helpful and all the stock very well cared for. Collected 6 chickens all growers and thriving in our garden. Lovely temperament and my children delighted

knows he's chickens -

As a complete chicken keeper novice I called up Noddy pure breeds and ask if could come and have a look at their chickens and get some advise. He gave his time and knowledge freely and showed me around telling me all about the various different chickens breeds and which chickens are best for a novice keeper like myself. These chickens are beautiful, they are fantastically kept, clean, healthy with vast amounts of space. In total have had seven chickens from 'Noddys pure breeds' starting off with 2 Rhode Island Reds and a hybrid and at a later date a pekin bantam. I have emailed and text with various questions and he and his wife have always replied with advise. I set me heart on buff Orpington's unfortunately he didn't have any for sale at that time, but three weeks ago I collect two buff Orpington and a cream crested legbar and they are beautiful. So thank you to Rob and his wife Linda for your patience and apologies for my constant messaging regarding the Orpington's. Lovely people, fantastic chickens.

chicken not vaccinated -

2 week after i have them 1 dead and the rest i have to spend a lot of money in the vet

Great chickens -

We have brought 13 chickens from them now. The chickens are well cared for, Omlet help you choose the best breeds for you and the after care is great, they are always at the end of the phone.

Chickens -

What great service we have 11 chickens from them. The sellers are great helpful and always on hand to help and give advice.

Best ever -

What great people very friendly helpful we have 10 chickens from them now they are always at the end of the phone for help 5 star sevice

Fabulous relaxed friendly hens -

I was delighted to find these fantastic sellers. The birds are kept in excellent conditions with plenty of room for each individual bird. They are clearly well cared for and are friendly and relaxed there is no nervousness at having new humans. These people set the standard for sellers absolutely top notch and reasonable prices too!

fabulous birds beautifully kept -

I was delighted to find these wonderful sellers a huge amount of effort put into the chickens welfare which pays off in spades the birds are really friendly and relaxed they have settled in superbly. This is how birds should be raised.

Happy Birds -

We have beautiful Orpington and 4 chicks - very happy. Birds immaculately kept and a very interesting tour of the facilities. Good advice given - very happy indeed.

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