Where Can I Buy Bees?

Purchase A Nucleus Hive

A nucleus colony is a small working colony of around 10,000 bees. We can help you purchase a nucleus hive.

Purchase An Established Colony

If you are a member of a local Beekeeping Association - you may meet someone who can supply you with a well established colony perhaps of 50,000 bees. This is a quick way of getting started but it is not for everyone. For a novice a large colony can be slightly overwhelming. Often building up a colony from a nucleus will give you time to get to grips with them.

Catch A Swarm

Sometimes luck can play a part in starting out with bees. A swarm of bees may land in your garden or you may be given a swarm of bees from a friend. Starting out from a swarm is riskier than starting from either a full colony or a nucleus. You will not know the temperament, health or state of the queen when you start. This is a problem for both the novice and also the experienced beekeeper alike. There is an old saying for swarms: "A swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July is not worth a fly".

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Quintin, 10 June 2019

Dear Omlet, I need to buy bees again after having lost my colony a year or so ago. My hive is all se up and ready for the new bees. Do you still sell bees for delivery to my home address or where can I get these from? I live in Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire. Many thanks. Kind regards Quintin

Platt, 19 September 2017

I wonder if you are aware that it is illegal to send bees to the Isle of Man? We have a dispensation from the EU. So if any one asks if they can have bees sent to the Island please put them off. Yours P Platt. Education Officer IOM Beekeepers Federation.

Steve, 29 September 2016

Hi, I'd like to set some bee hives up in my garden and possibly harvest the honey, but that's not essential. I live in a village on the side of the Pennies and we have bees in the green now, but I want to help keep the bee population going. We have a large garden and can plant the relevant flowers. Have you a guide and prices for the hives. I saw some new hives that you can tap off the honey without disturbing the bees, but not sure where to get hold of them. Any information or help would be appreciated. Thanks - Steve

Dave, 24 July 2013

This website is great it has told me how to get started on beekeeping

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