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About Hamsters

Hamsters make excellent pets – they’re fun, cute, and relatively easy to care for. Their cuddly credentials have made them popular pets all over the world for adults and older children alike. Hamsters bring a lot of joy to a lot of people, and this guide will help you to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge needed to give them the best life possible in return. Our detailed advice on hamster owning will be useful for anyone interested in keeping these cute little critters, whether you’re a prospective owner or a seasoned hamster aficionado aficionado.

hamsters make great pets
Hamsters have proved extremely popular pets in countries across the globe

This guide contains detailed information on many different aspects of hamster ownership, from choosing your hamster, to feeding your pet, to diagnosing some of the most common illnesses. We hope it’ll be a useful tool for you throughout your time with your pets.

Customer Images

White Omlet Qute Hamster Cage
Hamster investigating tomato
A hamster eating pees and carrots.
A hamster enjoring her new saucer.
A hamster in his cage eating food from a treat stick
A hamster hiding in a cardboard tube.
Hamster on spinning wheel
Little robo called Ace.
A hamster asleep in it's nest.
A hamster nibbing everything.
Hamster in tub
Hamster eating veg
Hamster in exercise wheel
Hamster peeking out of cage door
Hamster being held
Hamster peeking out of cage
Hamster peeking out of cage
Hamster eating cheese
Hamster Peeking out of Cage
Hamster looking into camera
Hamster eating
a grey dwarf hamster stood in their owners had
I love feeding our hamster salad.
a small black hamster being held by its owner
Hamster being held in hand
A hamster inside a bookshelf
Hamsters eating food
It’s waking up time
Frank the Hamster
Sleepy hamster.


Andrea, 13 April 2024

I agree. I might get a hamster soon. I like the Omlet hamster cage, but all it needs are some tube extensions.

Leslie, 3 January 2024

I found this really helpful. I am going to be adopting a hamster soon, so is there any advice you have for doing so the first time?

Abby, 3 January 2024

What would you say how to take care of a hamster for a 3rd grader

Anna, 7 February 2022

I was wondering if you plan to come out with extensions in so we way, like you do the rabbit cages! Maybe ways of extending with tubes or adding another level?

Jenny, 5 December 2021

Any plans to create hamster habitats in which tubing can be attached to add turrets, sleeping nooks, etc?