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Which Omlet Cat Run will you choose?

Omlet Outdoor Catio with Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree and Cat sitting on it

Omlet Catios

From £359.00
  • Secure outdoor cat run for all cats
  • A catio you can use every day of the year
  • Tall with plenty of space for Freestyle Cat Tree
  • Customise to fit your garden, and extend at any time
  • Easy to use, discreet catio with brilliant features

Cute fluffy white cat sleeping on mellow yellow cat bolster bed with white hairpin feet

Cat Balcony Enclosure

From £349.99
  • Designed to fit on any balcony
  • Secure catio run for urban cat
  • Modular and extendable design
  • Easy to assemble kit
  • Perfect for city apartments