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keep feed dish upright
I bought this hoop to use to hang the feeder up so the girls would not kick it over. It is brilliant and I will be getting another one soon.
Review for: Feeder Drinker Hoop
Useful addition
Great for stopping chickens kicking up dirt into their water. Can be used for a small or large feeder. It is very sturdy and easy to put together.
Review for: Feeder Drinker Hoop
Just the right height for even the little bantams.
Great to get feed off the floor. Additional feeder gives the girls additional stimulation & exercise. Prevents chucks poohing in feed & flicking it everywhere!
Review for: Feeder Drinker Hoop
Feeder Drinker Hoop
Ideal in keeping he drinker of the ground. Great for keeping in the garden for the hens to help themselves without any mess. Just what I needed.
Review for: Feeder Drinker Hoop
review of feeder/drinker hoop
This is an excellent product except for one thing. There is no facility to fix the rain hood on the feeder once it is suspended on the chain and therefore the feed is open to the elements. We do not have sufficient cover in the run and out on the lawn where our girls free range. Apart from this one small detail, we are very pleased with them.
Review for: Feeder Drinker Hoop
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