The new run design of the Eglu Go means you can now position the run door on the side as well as on the end. This is useful if you want to fit the Eglu Go into a spot where access to the end would be difficult.

This spare end panel can also be used to fit a second door so that you can have access from both the side and the end!

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Weight: 1.700 kg

Height: 3 cm

Width: 90 cm

Length: 56 cm

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Brilliant - Wiltshire,

This works really well as it gives you the ability to have a door at the end for access to feeders but also a door at the side to enable access to the Eglu door to encourage reluctant ducks when they don’t think it’s bedtime yet????

Very satisfied, thank you. -

Good robust product -

Very happy with this. Nothing to do with Eglu run though .. .just makes fantastic badger gate set into the wire fence!

Useful addition but should be available at point of sale -

This panel is good (it does what it says on the tin) but it is (a) expensive for what it is and (b) should have been available at point of sale. Customers need to be able to 'customise' their purchases. Without this extra door panel put near the hutch end of the 2-metre run, I would not be able to tidy/clean the hutch entrance and surrounding run area. I had to buy this panel separately which meant extra cost to me, plus I know have an original panel which is surplus to reqirements.

Very useful addition -

I bought the extra door panel so as to be able place food etc both at the end and at the side of the run. I find this to be very useful. On the down side, I now have a spare panel that is surplus to requirements. It would have been nice if I could have made a 'swap'.