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The Eton Plastic Poultry Feeder is a robust plastic feeder suitable for a small herd of hens, chicks or quail. The removable lid will keep food clean and dry, limit spillages and allow easy access for filling with food and cleaning. Simply fill with feed, replace the base and twist lock into place. The grid around the base will reduce wastage, keeping the cost of feeding your hens down. Eggcellent!

Complete with handle so it can be hung or left on the ground. This will hold 1kg of pellet feed.

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Weight: 0.100 kg

Height: 17 cm

Width: 20 cm

Length: 20 cm

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excellent- came very quickly

1kg feeder -

Just right for 3 birds daily

Elton plastic poultry feeder - Oxfordshire ,

Quite basic but does the job, when it’s filled with feed it’s quite sturdy and hasn’t been knocked over. However the top lid does fall off quite often.


Great product

Good little feeder -

This is the second one we've bought, this one being a replacement for the one that broke. Smaller than many other feeders, this is ideal for a small flock (we have 2 - 4 chickens in an Eglu). Holds enough feed for a day and distributes it evenly around the feeder, and the little dividers stop the pellets going everywhere so the floor stays pretty clean. If rain gets in the pellets will turn to mush and get stuck, but it comes apart easily for cleaning. On the downside, it goes brittle after a year or so of exposure to sunlight, but at this price it doesn't matter. And the lid thing has a thin slot for the handle which prevents your having a cord around the handle so you can hang it up. (Well, it doesn't /prevent/, but it stops you taking the lid off to refill it unless you remove the cord. Guess we could figure out some sort of hook...) We just use it without the lid which is alright if it's in a covered space.