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This product has been designed to fit anywhere on the Walk in Run, providing your chickens with an area that is sheltered from the wind and rain. Now complete with PVC rope edge which allows waterproof overlap of multiple covers.

This cover is made from clear plastic, allowing sunlight through whilst keeping the rain, hail and snow out.

The cover measures 95cm x 297cm and can be placed on the top of your Walk in Run or wrapped around the side. It comes complete with bungee hooks for attachment to the run.

Instructions for use when adding multiple covers:
Ensure roped edge of overlapping cover is facing away from direction of prevailing weather or facing downhill if on a slope. (Recommended overlap = 5cm.)

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Weight: 1.560 kg

Height: 9 cm

Width: 35 cm

Length: 39 cm

Brand: Omlet (743 Products)

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Easy to use and effective - Yorkshire,

Easy to install, prevents the chicken run turning into a quagmire in wet weather. Initially the girls did not realise that it would keep the rain off them and they would take cover under the green plastic sunshade when it started to rain. Now they continue to use the whole chicken run when it rains. The hens don't get muddy, so the eggs don't get muddy.

So Far, So Good -

Have had this fitted for about a month now and it looks promising. We tried normal tarpaulin but the high winds we get here meant they didn’t last long and were extremely noisy. So far our Omlet covers are secure and quiet; very important to the rabbits enjoyment of their run.

Ok product -

Ok cover, I thought it would cover the completely roof but I turn you would need 3 to cover the top. So slightly expensive also gutter doesn't really doesn't work well

Omlet Says: Thanks for your feedback. The gutter is designed to work with another cover. It stops the water going between the covers.

An absolute essential -

If your coop in exposed like ours is, then these covers are an absolute necessity. I have ordered 4 in total; 2 x 3m clear and 2 x 3m green heavy duty. The 2 clear ones cover the run (4m x 3m x 2m) over the coop in one of the corners. We have stretched the green heavy duty ones around the outside (one top half of run and the other the bottom half) so that the coop is pretty much enclosed in the corner of the run and rarely ever gets wet when it rains. The only problem is the uneven roof due to it sloping, where a little bit does get in. But overall, we are really chuffed as all of the covers provide great shelter for dust baths, preening and overall chicken happiness!

Could be wider to provide the 5cm overlap recommended ! -

These work well and are strong . However for my 3m x 3m walk in run it has proved expensive (£75 for 3) and they aren't quite wide enough to provide the full 5cm overlap Omlet recommends so they sometimes leak a little where they meet , which is annoying when it dampens my hens dust bath for instance . Can't help thinking I'd have been better off buying one large solid clear cover elsewhere to avoid this. I find this in general with Omlet covers ; for instance the one for the cube run is just slightly too short along the length so again there is an , even larger , annoying 20cm gap where that run joins the walk in run which causes much indignant feather fluffing in wet weather. Remains to be seen how they will wear as have only had them a month (during a very wet Spring ) but rather concerned about the stretching and rusting mentioned elsewhere. On the whole pleased but do measure carefully first.