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With the Zippi Tunnel there are no limits to the size or shape of system that you can build so you can let your imagination - and your pet - run wild!

The Zippi door frames - when used with a straight connector - allow you to connect the Zippi tunnel to a run, hutch or playpen. This kit includes both the Zippi door frame and a lockable door.

The diameter of the hole is 168mm and the door frame itself measures 253mm x 313mm.

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Doors -

The doors are great although my bun has taken offence to them being closed especially at night on his hutch but hopefully the bars will get chewed more than the doors!

Best to get the full door kit here -

After many false starts getting the Zippi tunnel system installed in its winter home inside the garage, I’ve come to the conclusion that you shoukd only install the full door system rather than just the round opening. Well if you have bouncy, tricksy bunnies like my two. You really need to have isolation doors for essential maintenance and cuddling/ health checks. Installing the doirs is slightly painful. On mesh sides you need a hefty pair of pliers and a swear jar. On wooden hutches you need to check that you have cut a large enough hole for the inner lip to fit fully, and make sure that there is enough clearance for the door to clip open with the top of the hutch frame (frantic chiseling session later). Personally, I preferred fixing the doors with bolts and wingnuts in both cases, and had to get some longer bolts for the hutch. The door raises by sticking your finger in the little hole and pushing an integral plastic piece/ lever).