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Zippi Tunnel Twin Pack with Corner and Hutch to Run Connection Kit

by Omlet

With the Zippi Tunnel there are no limits to the size or shape of system that you can build so you can let your imagination - and your pet - run wild!

This pack contains a twin pack of 90cm flexible Zippi tunnels, a 90 degree corner section and an angled connector with door frame kit (including lock-out door). This allows you to connect the tunnel to a hutch or angled run. Also included are three straight connectors and a door frame so that you can attach the other end to a run or playpen.

Tunnel Diameter: 180mm (7.1 in)

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Well built and sturdy - Steven, North Ayrshire,

I bought this for our two rabbits to connect the hutch to the run, it was very easy to fit and is very good quality. 2

This reviewer has 2-4 Mini lops pets

fab system - Rich, North Ayrshire,

wow , amazing product, nothing else like this. great for the rabbits wellbeing - thanks guys! 2

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Tunnels - Jenna, North Ayrshire,

They tunnels are made out of very sturdy plastic.. They have very big as they can fit a rabbits too but my guinea have plenty room to move about inside.. Sometimes to have a nap. ???? 2

Rabbit loves running through the tunnels - Steven, North Ayrshire,

Very well designed and easy to assemble. I have a door into an outside grass area and from that another door and tunnel to another grass area. This allows three grass areas to be accessed and allows the other areas to recover from grazing. The rabbit loves to run from one area to another through the tunnel. It will also run through a piece of tunnel and around the play area and back through the piece. It provides an obstacle so the rabbit jumps over it. This tunnel system is great! 2

A Must Have! - Tara, North Ayrshire,

What a great system! I purchased the tunnel and decided to add more to the system. It is super easy to assemble! I have no worried about anything coming apart because the safety put into the tunnel system and locks is first class! Willow had no problem exploring and running through the tunnels to go from her indoor hutch to her outside play area. I love the door to one end so I can keep her in her hutch at night then I open her tunnel door so she can be inside or outside all day! 2

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