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Excellent book - Cambs,

We found this book to be the best way of recording our hive inspections. Have tried other preprinted sheets from our local beekeepers association but this book covers every scenario you could encounter whilst inspecting your hive.

Beehaus record book - Debral,

I bought this as a small gift for my SIL who is just getting started with keeping bees and she was very pleased with it, so a good buy.

Verified Purchase: May 2018

Excellent - Andrew,

Had a few but this is the best

Verified Purchase: Jan 2018

Beehaus -record book - Tippins,

I found this book very good indeed and that is why I ordered another one for 2017!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

Useful Bee record book - Paul,

This is a very useful bee record book which prompts you to check several potential problems when you do your hive inspections. It has a page for each inspection and is in an easy format. 48 pages will last for most of the year, and is only £5 per book.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2014

very useful book - Penny,

I bought this seperatly, but if you are buying a beehaus you don't need to do this, save yourself the few pounds because it is included but not listed on the web site - it is listed in the bee guide that comes with the beehaus.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Valuable record - Jane,

I have found this record book to be an excellent way of keeping track of hive inspections. It reminds me what I need to check. It is very interesting to look back over the past year's records and see how things have progressed (or not!) in the Beehaus. My only (minor) criticism is that the Notes section could be a little bigger. All in all, a very useful record book.

Verified Purchase: May 2015

not useful to me - Stark,

Good if you own an Omlet Beehaus. I have a different sort of hive, so it was not suitable for me.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2018

Great idea! - Steve,

I'm not the best at keeping notes on my bees - and I could only see this getting worse. This little book holds all the info you could want about each inspection - I especially like the "shade-in" section with the picture of the Beehaus, much easier than trying to explain in words what exists where in the hive. Just the right price too.

Verified Purchase: May 2014