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Mav and Mickey are very attached! - Cheryl,

Initially I wasn’t sure if my cats would like the Maya Nook, they tend to sleep anywhere around the house and they’re not too fussy about where they snooze however recently my sleep has been disturbed multiple times throughout the night that I thought it would be a good time to try them in their own bed. It took the cats initially a few days to get used to their new Nook/bed and we’ve also recently moved house therefore they’ve been a lot more nervous and anxious. The cats now LOVE the Nook, I found that they started using it as their “secret” hideaway particularly when we had visitors and now at night time they chose to sleep in their Nook instead of my bed. I think they find it nice to have their own cosy den and it means my sleep isn’t interrupted anymore. I used to have to keep the cats feed and treats in a locked box as they always managed to open the packets themselves when I was out. The wardrobe on the side of the Nook is perfect for preventing this problem and it also gives me a tidy place to store all of their toys. Considering I was a bit apprehensive about this product initially, I now can’t imagine our house without it. Mav and Mickey are very attached! I’d say the Maya Nook is the cat bed you didn’t even know you needed!

Good product, looks nice in my house - Wendy,

Nice to see someone making sensibly priced indoor cat houses with a bit of style. It took a while to screw together (probably should have waited until the hubbie got home but wanted to start using) and I've decorated the top with a lamp and some photos so it looks very cosy and homely for Eddie. Would have given it 5 stars but i think until people make products that can screw themselves together i'm going to stick to 4 being my maximum! I might run up some curtains to match the living room as a really nice finishing touch.

Made such a difference to my cats - Robbie,

I bought this after watching some youtube videos about giving your cats a space within your home that's kind of like a den, it's supposed to be good especially if you have kids and maybe other pets so that they can have their own bit of territory. I have a maine coon called Gal, she's a big cat but the Maya 24 is fine for her. After I put herblanket in she took to it straight away, the curtains make it looks really nice and i think that she likes it best when they are shut so she can peek out at us!