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Verified Reviews for Nettex Anti Feather Pecking Spray - 250ml

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Works! - Pete,

Certainly worked well when one of my older girls started attacking a younger one. Only sad that it's very greasy and stays on the feathers a long time.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

Worked reasonably well - Nikki,

Introduced 2 ex-barn hens to my small 'flock' of 2 chickens, who promptly decided to try to eat them. I sprayed the anti-peck on the newbies and it did seem to reduce the amount of pecking, although I had to renew it regularly. A combination of keeping them separated as much as possible for 4 weeks followed by vaseline on the newbies combs (thank goodness for t'internet), violet spray on wounds and topping up the anti-peck has more or less done the trick although it has been stressful for all concerned.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

nettex anti feather spray - Prue,

I ordered this as one of my hens was being pecked by the 'bully' hen. Quite amazingly since the product arrived the pecking stopped and as a result I hav'nt resorted to using it. Given all the positive reviews I am confident that should Mrs Bully revert to harassing meek Miss Mild hen, I shall have the perfect solution in the spray and hesitation in using it.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

Anti Pecking - Denise,

This product has really worked. Had two new chickens to integrate but one really was getting hen pecked. Sprayed this on at the weekend and now all her feathers are growing back.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2011

it works!! - Andrea,

I do believe this is starting to work as Ginge finally has feathers. Spotty still bald over her bottom but feathers now staring to grow. The bullies may finally give up

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Nettex Anti Feather Pecking Spray - Kirsty,

Stopped feather pecking. Would have given 5 stars but takes a few days to work. However, it does say this on the bottle. Good product. I used it on my Brahma cockerel's feet as my Black Star was pulling his feathers out and eating his flesh!! Found it easy to use along with Gentian Violet Spray. Would recommend.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2019

Anti-Pecking Spray - Peter,

The anti-feather pecking spray certainly contributed to the change in behaviour of the older chickens. It provided a breather for the new chickens and allowed then to establish themselves in the flock.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2012

Seems to be working... - Gemma,

This seems to be semi-working as I can see a few "feather ends" starting to poke through, however her bum still looks red so I'm thinking they might still be getting a few sneaky pecks in when I'm not watching! I haven't given this the full five stars as the two (minor) downsides are the colour (which is brown so my lovely cream hen now looks like she's been rolling in the mud) plus it stinks (which I guess it's meant to, to put the other hens off pecking but it also gets all over you when you spray it)! My advice is stand out of even a slight breeze when you spray it or you'll end up with a nasty taste in your mouth! Also very tricky to spray the hens so you will need two people, but that's not a fault of the product of course! I shall persevere...

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

get help with a bully - Pauline,

Got this as two of my ex-batts were being severely pecked by a dominant hen when the pecking order was being established. By the time I had ordered and got it, the problem was slightly better, but I tried it anyway. Not sure it did too much, but together with lots of distraction and the occassional squirt from a water spray, hamony eventually established. Stinks but that's the idea!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2011