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Verified Reviews for Aubiose Bedding - 20kg

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Excellent absorbent material - Chris, Lancashire,

We regularly by the Aubiose bedding for our rabbit. It makes an excellent underlay and absorbs moisture well and afterwards can be composted

Great product - Alison, Lancashire,


This reviewer has 10+ Chickens pets

Best chicken bedding! - Subeedoo, Lancashire,

I’ve been buying Auboise bedding for my chickens for years after doing lots of research. Its fantastic because you don’t need to keep changing it. Its highly absorbent and forms clumps, so you just need to clear out the dry bits. I have 5 girls, snd one bag lasts 12 months! Value for money!

This reviewer has 4-6 Mixed pets

Aubiose bedding - Pat, Lancashire,

Bought this for newly arrived Guinea pigs. Arrived quickly and seems like good value. We use this in the outdoor hutch and it works really well as a base layer with some hay on top.

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Not in a wind - Celia, Lancashire,

I bought this for my two hens Eglu. I used it on a windy day, and oh dear it went everywhere. I am sure it is brilliant for small animals but for me and my Eglu it was a disaster!!

This reviewer has 2-4 Burford brown chicke pets

Excellent product - Glenda, Lancashire,

Arrived on time and well packaged. I use this as base bedding for my guinea pigs and I wouldn't change it for a different product. Its very absorbant and has no fragrance. I would recommend this every time.

This reviewer has 2-4 rescue guinea pigs pets

Excellent product - Glen, Lancashire,

I use this as an alternative to woodshavings for the base of my guinea pigs' enclosure. It is excellent as it absorbs moisture and has no smell. Its easy to scoop up when fresh bedding is needed. I will definitely buy this again.

This reviewer has 2-4 rescue guinea pigs pets

Absorbs smells and urine better than paper bedding! - Rin, Lancashire,

I started using this a month ago and I’ve used about half so far so I’d say one bag will last me 2 months (spot cleaning once a day, full changeover once a week). I’m going to try composting it though because too many rabbit litter bags are piling up in the black bin. I could probably go longer without spot cleaning and save on throwing so much of it out but I like a clean litter box! I like that this is safe to eat in small quantities unlike paper bedding or cat litter, and although similar in texture to sawdust doesn’t give breathing problems since it’s dust free. Just wish I could save more on waste.

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Auboiose Bedding - Alexandra, Lancashire,

I bought this a month or two back as a new hay to try for my quail. It's good and light and not prickly like the usual straw I can buy, but I still add some soft hay to their nesting boxes.

This reviewer has 8-10 Quail pets

Fabulous - Alison, Lancashire,

The best bedding we have used. Highly absorbent and there is no smell. Makes cleaning an absolute doddle!

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