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Chickens love it! - Chanda, Merseyside,

So this is a nice addition to my run. Chickens figured it out almost immediately! Only issue is they empty it almost right away. They peck it until it’s empty so I don’t fill it everyday.

Looks great - Keith, Merseyside,

Chickens love it, we have two and the chickens walk between the two. Also provides for the sub chicken without getting the odd peck from number one????

This reviewer has 2-4 Sussex, Faverolles & pets

My girls LOVE IT! - Gia, Merseyside,

Was worried because they avoided it initially and then realized there were treats in there!! Game over for the treats!!!

This reviewer has 6-8 Chickens pets

Poppy Peck Toy - Cindy, Merseyside,

I bought this toy to give my hens some 'hentertainment' and enrichment - something to do in the dull days of winter. They love it, and it's quite entertaining watching them use it. They do tend to stay until the treats have all gone!

This reviewer has 2-4 a variety pets

Great entertainment - Karen, Merseyside,

My chickens LOVE the Peck Toy! It keeps them occupied on these short, cold winter days.

This reviewer has 4-6 Speckled Sussex pets

Feeder - Gerty, Merseyside,

Too small and don’t think it’s a great product for what it stands for

This reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

Poppy toy - Missouri, Merseyside,

Bought this on a whim, turns out to be very entertaining. Chickens wait for 1 special duck to help them. She has figured out that she can grab it w/her bill and shake it, all the seeds fly out. Chickens then come rushing over to eat w/o the hassle of the work. They then chase off the duck to eat it all.

This reviewer has 10+ pets

Brilliant! - Lauren, Merseyside,

Great idea to keep the chickens amused for ages! No squabbling over the treats at all.

This reviewer has 6-8 All sorts pets

Great toy. - Annette, Merseyside,

It took my chickens a few days to figure out what to do with it but after shaking it for them a few times they soon got the hang of it. It keeps them amused for a eje and they seem to love it. One thing I hadn't thought of is it you don't clean it out regularly the bit of corn left in the bottom quickly goes mouldy and starts sprouting so if you don't mind cleaning it out or using it regularly then it's a great toy.

This reviewer has 10+ pets

Love this - Dawn, Merseyside,

So lovely to watch them learn how to get the treat s out and keeps them entertained if they have to stay in on a rainy day.

This reviewer has 2-4 Bantams pets

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