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Eglu - James,

Pretty good product,could use some options for fixing down,not sure how weather proof it will be,will just have to wait for some bad weather to see

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

Door problem R - Iain,

My Eglu Classic and run was easy to assemble, the whole job took about 30 minutes. Living in the Scottish Highlands our main concern is the threat from fox, pine marten, mink, and buzzards, but I am satisfied that the run and coop will be a satisfactory barrier to these predators. The only downside and the reason I give only 4 stars was is that the door does not close snug, there is a 2 to 3cm gap which in a Highland winter will allow wind, rain and snow in. Omlet are sending me a bracket with instructions which should solve the problem and if so I will give 5 stars. Otherwise 3 Blackrock hens happy and laying well.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2017

Excellent hen house - Cheryl,

I love my Eglu and my girls are happy and comfortable. Extremely easy to clean and no problems with mites in the 3 years I have had my girls (so far)! The only flaw for me is that the extended run I have is very difficult for me to clean out. I have a small inner city garden and no room to move my coop elsewhere. My girls demolished the grass in the run in a matter of months so I now use wood chips which they love to rummage through. However, I like to replace the chips every 4 months and it is impossible for me to get at the part of the run that is at the coop end. The run would benefit from an extra door at the coop end for easy cleaning access.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

Pleased overall - Sang, Cambridgeshire,

I am pleased with the product overall but there are minor problems with it. The locking bar doesn't go all the way through to the other side where the lynch pin should go. The feeders keeping falling off as the chickens feed.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2015

Easy care starter home - Kathryn,

I have 2 ladies in residence, it's super easy to maintain, I line the dropping tray with paper to make it easier to keep clean and give the house a thorough wash with a hose from time to time. I agree with some other comments that it's difficult to move, it would really benefit from little hand holds to make it possible to grip it, fortunately my husband has long arms so he can reach around but otherwise moving it would be quite a problem. In general though, both the ladies and I are happy, it really is a great design.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2017

Secure hen house - Frances,

Little disappointed with certain aspects of the hen house and run. Although the house is well built and secure the fit was not perfect and the ventilation holes need some means of closing in the cold winter winds. The handle to the side hatch is very stiff but hopefully will ease with time. It would be helpful to have handles on the house to make it easier to,pick up and move. The rin was a little flimsier than expected and the clips not very sturdy. As this was a expensive purchase would have expected these things to have researched and ironed out.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

good - John,

The Structure is quite heavy to pull round the lawn when you need to find fresh grass. The Chickens were used to a wooden coop- we changed because of red mite problems. The issue is that the hens are quite old- 41/2 and have never perched and were not going to start. After a couple of nights when they both tried to squeeze into the nesting area, (they are large hens) we have made a carboard tray to run along the rear perch. They are now much happier. Is this something you could market as a plastic tray?

Verified Purchase: Dec 2016

Variable product - Caroline,

I have had 4 Eglu classics. Its an excellent product, but quite variable. Latest has a very stiff door handle. But a good one is the Rolls Royce of henhouses and is much more durable than the Go.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2016

Great product - Dean,

Fantastic hen house, perfect for our small garden. Super fast delivery, well packaged and easy to put together. All you need to get started. Only thing on the downside was the price was a bit steep. Overall though, very happy.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2015

Hard to access the run - Trisha,

I'm really enjoying my new Eglu Classic. It's my first time keeping chickens and as well as the eglu looking good in the garden, it really is easy to keep clean. My only negative points are that when it rains, water leaks in around the edges of the side door( egg hatch). This is a problem for me because my chickens sleep in that area and when winter arrives, I'm going to have to modify the hatch door in some way. Also, when raking out the run the only way I can get to the area near the eglu is to take the eglu apart. Don't get me wrong I really do love my eglu , just wish there was a side door on the run to help when cleaning. To end on a positive note, I would highly recommend the eglu classic as it looks great and above all, I feel my chickens are secure at night. Happy chickens = happy owner! :)

Verified Purchase: Jul 2019

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